Vermont Cheddar Mashed Potatoes Recipe (2024)

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David Tanis

Actually, not odd. You find baking powder in many old recipes for mashed potatoes--it makes them fluffy. Likewise, eggs (or egg yolks) are traditionally add to mashed potatoes for richness. When drizzled in and beaten with the hot potatoes for 2 minutes, the eggs definitely are cooked, not raw.

Of course, using the baking powder or eggs is optional, but they do have a purpose.


And if you don't have a stand mixer ?


what is the point of baking powder in mashed potatoes??!!


I used a hand mixer and it was just fine. I would omit the salt. The salt from the cheese is plenty and with the salt it was extremely salty.


I made potatoes in a stand mixer once. That was enough to learn to never do it again. They came out like wall paper paste and when I researched what went wrong, I learned that if you over beat the potatoes, that's what happens. Potatoes and cheese, yum. Potatoes and cheese and whipping sounds like a mistake. Give me a hand masher or a ricer, then I will fold everything else in and not whip or beat the potatoes.


Made these with Russets and again with Yukon Golds. The former produced a very creamy, whipped mashed potato; the latter a stiffer, firmer version. Both were equally good. Regardless of the kind of potato you use (or even if you use cheese), this is just a very good technique for making mashed potatoes in general.


Is there a way to make this a day or so ahead without compromising the quality of this dish? Thanks!

David Tanis

This is from an old Yankee recipe--it makes the potatoes lighter when whipped. It's optional.


Have a feeling these would be really great topping a traditional shepherd's pie.


You're not getting salmonella from the eggs... but from a dirty shell. Thoroughly wash your whole egg with a veggie brush and some vinegar to kill bacteria before cracking open.


I cheated a bit here mostly because I am lazy. Instead of a stand mixer I used a ricer and then just blended everything in a casserole dish and baked it at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Amazing!!


I've had the very unfortunate experience of salmonella poisoning. On a transatlantic flight. In first class.Whole eggs need to reach at least 158°F and be held there for at least 3 minutes to be safe. Do yourselves a favor and use an accurate thermometer to check and monitor the temperature. 158°F for 3 minutes. Salmonella is not fun. You might not die, but you'll wish you could.

jack van dijk

stomp on them with your feet


These are five star potatoes. First batch was large enough so there was leftovers. After 24 hours of baking powder reaction in the fridge, the baking powder had reacted...perfection had been achieved.

A somewhat labour-intensive recipe for mashed potatoes, but cooked the day before, the effort is well worth it.


You might love them or not love them! They're heavy so not for those hoping for the fluffy cloud of typical mashed potatoes


This, my friends, is the best mashed potatoes you'll ever make! Get that aged cheddar! It gives this recipe so much flavor and depth. I started off with a potato masher and finished with a hand -held mixer. Delicious!


Put away the mixer. If you "beat at medium-high speed until mixture is smooth, 2 to 3 minutes," you will end up with a bowl full of glue. Never overwork potatoes. Use a ricer (ideal) or a hand masher. The rest of the recipe works really well and these potatoes are delicious, but I can't understand why a professional chef would use a stand mixer to make mashies.


Use less salt.


Really? I doubled it (I use Diamond Crystal). One little teaspoon wasn't nearly enough.


This is definitely a "whipped potato" dish, so if you experience those as "gluey" or otherwise unacceptable, this dish is not for you. But my family, friends, and I however, love this dish - it's full of flavor, fluffy and creamy, and better the next day (even two days later, if you can manage it), reheated in a 350 degree oven for about 30 minutes, covered with foil. Sublime!


Made exactly as is. Texture was a bit different than what I expected, but everyone wouldn’t shut up about these. First side dish to go. 10/10


Made these exactly as is. Perfection.


Can I just multiply all ingredients for 10 or 20 people? I dont know if its OK to multiply baking powder and the eggs. I need to expand recipe for various dinners I'm planning. Looks like a great recipe! Thanks. CH

mary pat

I had my doubts but this was hands down fantastic. We used the brick of aged cheddar from Costco (Cabot’s) and did everything as directed. I was so skeptical I made it Sunday night to test before I served it on Thanksgiving. I agree with many who said they were better the 2nd day! So the current plan is to make them on Wednesday then heat in oven on turkey day, which will also make sure the egg is cooked.

Ali Mortemore

I added garlic confit and it was a hit!!! I also didn’t use the eggs but it was the favorite dish at the party


I lowered the amount of cheese to 7oz instead of 12oz. The potatoes came out so perfectly creamy. No gluey texture like some people had. It’s a rich dish, be warned.


The texture was gluey because they used a mixer, not because of the cheese. Never overwork potatoes with an electric mixer. Use a ricer or a hand-masher.


Only had Gruyère on hand. Came out: Chef’s kiss.


Followed the directions exactly and wound up with the gluiest mashed potatoes ever, had to throw out the whole batch and start from scratch. What a waste! I though that much beating in the stand mixer would result in a starchy catastrophe. I instead riced the potatoes into the mixer bowl and for 3 lbs Yukon Gold potatoes added 10 oz butter, 10 oz whole milk, 1.5 tsp diamond crystal kosher salt and white pepper to taste whipping them ever so slightly in the mixer. They were so light and fluffy.


Very heavy, dense, rich mashed potato. Not bad tasting… but a better “make ahead” mashed potato is Melissa Clarke’s Mashed Potato Casserole.


I think I overmixed the potatoes. They were a bit gluey in my opinion, but everyone else liked them....

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Vermont Cheddar Mashed Potatoes Recipe (2024)
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