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Astrology readings

Readings are by Zoom/Facetime, audio recorded at the same time (video recording is also an option), then sent via file transfer to your email for download and listening. I do readings from 09.00 – 18.00 UK time, Tuesdays & Wednesdays, and rarely on Thursdays to 14.00.

The readings consist of a chart analysis, showing challenges, talents, difficulties and skills (first consult only). The past is analysed focusing on issues echoing now, the present expanded focusing on current status and potential futures explored with 6-12 months detailed and a forecast from then on. If you're an existing client or astrologically aware the readings will focus on current and future potentials.

Bespoke options are tailored to your needs. Relationship interactions are a specialty, as is the global positioning of Astrocartography. You are usually contacted within a week to schedule your reading, but may occasionally be a little longer.


Fees depend on the length of reading. A 30 minute reading is £125.00, 60 minutes is £225.00, and 90 minutes is £325. Once scheduled and confirmed by me, I will send a Paypal link that you can pay via PayPal or with your card if you don’t have a Paypal account. Bank transfer is optional for UK clients - details on request. Transfer from overseas is possible, but with a 15% surcharge. A discount of 10-15% is available for clients returning annually. I don't do remote readings unless I video it and post privately on YouTube so only you and I can see it - the above fees apply with a 30% supplement. With refunds due to no-show, 20% is deducted to cover admin and Paypal/bank charges.


30 Minutes £125, 60 minutes £225, 90 minutes £325

For first-time clients, it comprises an analysis of the natal horoscope, showing gifts/skills as well as the difficulties/challenges inherent in the horoscope. An assessment of recent events, current status and future potentials is given. The sixty and ninety minute readings have more in-depth analysis and forecasting and includes Astro-location.Top of Form


30 Minutes £125 60 minutes £215, 90 minutes £325

This gives an overview of the coming 12-15 months, specifying times where relevant and incorporates transits, progressions, retrogrades, eclipses and solar returns among other techniques.


30 Minutes £125, 60 minutes £225

Specifying the best and worst places for career, financial, domestic or relationship situations. By placing the horoscope on the globe, localities where opportunities and challenges lay can be determined.


30 Minutes £125, 60 minutes £225

Looks at the coming years for long term trends in terms of challenges and positive options, using outer planetary positions, eclipses and progressions in one’s chart to focus on coming times and can cover a range from one to seven years in advance.


30 Minutes £125, 60 minutes £225

This reading looks at all relationship patterns, primarily personal and intimate but also friend, social, professional or family. It shows what does/doesn’t work in the interaction by comparing two or more charts and also combining them into a joint relationship chart, which shows the directions, purpose and timings for the relationship to evolve into.


30 Minutes £125, 60 minutes £225

This reading is for specific questions/issues or for a specified combination of other reading forms.


30 Minutes £125

This is for parental guidance only and shows the potentials and challenges in the child’s astrological makeup. It is helpful when determining direction to maximize the child’s potential.

To simplify things – the 30 minute is normally a taster, or for returning clients requiring a top-up. The 60 minute includes 15 minutes analysis, 15 minutes mapping and a 30 minute forecast. The 90 minutes is the same as the 60, but with much greater depth. The analysis and mapping normally only happens on the first reading.


Select your choice of reading from the above options then email me your name, your date (in day/month/year format), time and place of birth and your current location/time zone, along with the best email for contact.

I will then contact you to schedule and then confirm with payment.

Please be aware that this may take some time. I will reply to every order, but the current waiting list is 3+ months.


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Steve Judd Astrology | Bringing astrology to the World (2024)
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