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Inspirational Birthday Greetings

1. You make each day special just by being yourself. I hope your birthday is as special as you are.
2. You are the most generous and fun-loving person I know. You deserve a birthday full of good things and sweetness.
3. Thanks for being a gentle and kind mentor to us all. We want to celebrate another year of joy and cheers with you. May your life be full of kindness and happiness.
4. You are an inspiration to everyone. You touch so many lives with joy, and you deserve to have your deepest wishes and dreams come true on this special day.
5. You are a shining example for all of us. We all tend to follow your example as we try to be better persons. Happy birthday to the one who goes before us and blazes the trail for success.

Inspirational Birthday Messages

6. You are the reason I endured everything in my life. With so much change in our lives, you are the one constant that is always there. Thanks for enduring with me through the seasons. Happy Birthday.
7. It is just amazing how you manage to look beautiful and elegant every single day. For all the years, I've' e an inspiration to be more.
8. This day marks the moment you entered our lives. You are an inspiration for me and all around you since Day one.
9. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living. Fantasy is a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. But you need a friend that will help you look at life's realities, and for me, you are that person.
10. Happy Birthday to the person who sacrifices a lot every single day for everyone else. I hope we are all able to give you a little back of the love you show us every single day.

11. You have touched so many lives with joy. You deserve to have your wishes come true, and I hope I can help make that happen.
12. Be stronger and more confident when facing problems on a daily basis. I wish you nothing but the best in life.
13. I hope the greeting I am sending will excite you, and bring at least a little of the excitement you bring to our lives. The world is more colorful with you in it. Happy Birthday.
14. Good friends, good health, and good life ahead. Those are the things I wish for you.
15. I hope that you will achieve all of your goals in life. On this day, I am just here to remind you I will support you and help you get to the finish line. PDFelement (7)

Inspirational Birthday Quotes

16. These are the traits I inherited from you: kindness, intelligence, and beauty. Today, I just want to say thank you for pushing me to the limit.
17. Your commitment and devotion over the years have not gone unnoticed. Today, I am sending you a portion of the love you gave to us all over the years. Happy Birthday.
18. Celebrating another year with a very special person. You are the light in our lives, and you bring joy and happiness. You guide us through dark places of the world, and for all that, we are thankful. Happy Birthday.
19. I hope you continue to love life and never stop dreaming. That is my birthday wish for you. You deserve all the happiness in the world.
20. Here is for another year of inspiring people, gaining friends, learning more, and adding a bucket of happiness.

21. You remind us every day what makes life enjoyable. It is friends like you that inspire us and bring happiness in life. You are the brightest life in our lives, and we wish you a happy birthday.
22. Your joy is contagious and pushes everyone to try to be a better person. Your birthday should be as joyful as ever.
23. Today, I want to continue supporting you and encouraging you to be the best version of yourself. Nothing can stop you, and I believe in you. Happy Birthday.
24. You have accomplished amazing things, and it is all by pushing yourself harder and harder. It is that commitment that we all love. Wishing you a Happy Birthday.
25. You are very special, and you will never be forgotten. Reach for the stars, because that is where your place is. On your birthday, I hope this day brings more hope and love to all around you.

How to Edit Wishes in an Inspirational Birthday Card

To write an inspirational birthday card, using a powerful tool is necessary. Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is a good choice, the best editor to customise the inspirational birthday card. Download the templates on this page for free and follow the steps below to add your wishes with PDFelement. Using PDFelement, you can not only edit birthday cards but also manage your PDF documents with professional tools for creating, converting, and editing.

Key Features:

  • Get free PDF birthday card templates
  • Easily add your inspirational wishes to the beautiful templates
  • Free template resources and inexpensive software cost

Step 1. Open the Inspirational Birthday Card

PDFelement (14)

Step 2. Click on "Edit" and Enter Your Inspirational Wishes

PDFelement (15)

Step 3. Click "File" > "Print" to Print the Card

PDFelement (16)

Or Share the Card

PDFelement (17)

PDFelement (2024)


Can I use PDFelement for free? ›

Wondershare PDFelement has 3 pricing editions, from $9.08 to $139. A free trial of Wondershare PDFelement is also available. Look at different pricing editions below and see what edition and features meet your budget and needs. Ideal for personal use to create, edit, and sign PDFs.

Is PDFelement for desktop free? ›

Pricing overview

PDFelement supports a free trial version for mac and windows. The OCRS became helpful to use when trying to edit and fill in documents that were sent to me but not created to type directly in.

Is PDFelement legitimate? ›

PDFelement is a versatile and highly regarded program that has proven itself valuable for various use cases.

What is better than PDFelement? ›

Other important factors to consider when researching alternatives to Wondershare PDFelement include user interface. The best overall Wondershare PDFelement alternative is Foxit PDF Editor Suite. Other similar apps like Wondershare PDFelement are Adobe Acrobat, PDF-XChange Editor, pdfFiller by airSlate, and Smallpdf.

How do I activate PDFelement for free? ›

Step 1: Open PDFelement, find the "Log In" button in the top-right corner and click on it. Step 2: In the pop-up window, Enter your "Email" and "Password" of Wondershare ID. Step 3: Click "Log In" and this will activate PDFelement.

What PDF editor is actually free? ›

EaseUS is a free PDF editor that offers options to read, create, edit and convert PDFs both in program and online. The streamlined interface allows you to edit or convert with ease for any formats like doc, excel, ppt, jpg, png or epub, even merge, split, compress, watermark e-sign or OCR PDF files.

Is PDF not free anymore? ›

Acrobat Reader is free and continues to offer the industry's most reliable experience for viewing and interacting with PDFs.

Is free PDF legal? ›

It does not matter if you do so for free, or whether you pay for the right to make the download. It's the same as if someone loaned you a copy of the book and you made photocopies of each page. Either way, you would be liable for copyright infringement, assuming the book is still under copyright.

Does Microsoft have a free PDF reader? ›

Microsoft Edge comes with a built-in PDF reader that lets you open your local pdf files, online pdf files, or pdf files embedded in web pages. You can annotate these files with ink and highlighting.

Is Wondershare PDFelement worth it? ›

Overall, PDFelement is a great PDF editor with a lot of features and an easy-to-use interface. It's slightly expensive but worth it for users who need a comprehensive PDF editor.

Is PDFelement Pro worth it? ›

A great tool, even if you also have other pro applications.

It's great. I recommend it even if you have other professional applications to manage PDFs. The format conversion is excellent.

How much is the PDFelement app? ›

Compare All Plans
Free TrialQuarterly Plan Yearly PlanYearly Plan 2-Year Plan
RegisteredUS$29.99 Buy NowUS$79.99 Buy Now
Sign UpBuy NowBuy Now
1 more row

What is the number one PDF editor? ›

Adobe Acrobat Pro – Best overall

Adobe Acrobat Pro remains the industry standard for good reason. Its rich combination of creation, editing, reviewing, and security features are mimicked by the best alternative options, but we feel Acrobat still does it best.

Is there a better PDF program than Adobe? ›

PDFelement is considered as a solid Adobe Acrobat alternative due to the wide range of PDF services created by Wondershare. It offers PDF editing and annotation tools included in the architecture. Such tools allow you to create forms, use OCR, merge documents, and convert files to different formats.

How do I download and install PDFelement? ›

Please go to our website, click "Try PDFelement" button to download the software. Or you can also download the product from the link below directly. You can double-click the downloaded file and choose the language you need. Click "Next" to install it.

Is there no free PDF editor? ›

Absolutely! The Canva online PDF editor is available through the Canva desktop app, which works on Windows and Mac computers. It's also available on your browser by going to https://www.canva.com/download/.

How much does Wondershare PDFelement cost? ›

Compare All Plans
Free TrialQuarterly Plan Yearly PlanYearly Plan 2-Year Plan
RegisteredUS$29.99 Buy NowUS$79.99 Buy Now
Sign UpBuy NowBuy Now
1 more row

Can you use pdfFiller for free? ›

While pdfFiller allows users to easily create, edit, sign, and share PDF documents, accessing and downloading the edited documents require a paid subscription to the service. pdfFiller offers a variety of subscription plans, including a free trial that lasts for a limited time.

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