Monica Barbaro's Height, Weight, Bio, Measurements & More (2024)


  • Monica Barbaro looks bewitching as she flaunts her5 feet 7 inches or 170 cm (1.7 m)tall, mesmerizing stature.
  • Barbaro’s ideal body weight of around54 kg or 119 poundsgives her body an athletic look!
  • Monica’s birthday falls onJune 18, and she is enjoying her loving life at 33.
  • Leading a lucrative career in Hollywood as an actress, Monica Barbaro has created a huge fortune worth around$5 millionas of 2023.

An incredibly gorgeous lady possessing all the artistic skills like acting, dancing, and martial arts, Monica Barbaro is the name behind your favorite naval aviator in Top Gun: Maverick, Natasha ‘Phoenix’ Trace.

Starting her journey in the early 2010s, Barbaro has already swooned millions with her captivating stage presence and impressive athleticism. Leading as one of Hollywood’s most sought-after actors, let’s unravel Monica’s life, career, vital stats, lifestyle, and more!

Monica Barbaro’s Family & Education

Although Monica hasn’t shared much about her parents and siblings, one thing is for sure; she grew up to be a strong woman considering that her parents divorced when she was very young. Like her family details, Monica’s dating life has also been under wraps lately!

The young actress first showcased her academic talents at Tamalpais High School. But growing up dancing, Barbaro decided to get a degree in dancing, finally graduating with it from Tisch School of the Arts.

It was after this that she foresaw and kickstarted her acting career! Later she also hones her acting skills at the Beverly Hills Playhouse acting school.

  • Full Born Name:Monica Barbaro
  • Nickname:Monica
  • Occupation:Actress
  • Religion:Christianity
  • Date of Birth:June 18, 1990
  • Birthplace:San Francisco, California, U.S.
  • Education:Tamalpais High School, Tisch School of the Arts
  • Zodiac Sign:Gemini
  • Father Name:Nick Barbaro
  • Mother Name:Heidi Wagner
  • Siblings:Eva B. Duchovny

What Is Monica Barbaro’s Height?

Talentedactress Monica Barbaro takes pride in her stunning height of5 feet 7 inches or 170 cm (1.7 m),which has helped her add more intensity and realism to her characters like Natasha “Phoenix” Trace in Top Gun: Maverick.

What Is Monica Barbaro’s Weight?

Monica’s sculpted and toned figure weighing around54 kg or 119 pounds, is easily one of the highlighting features of her presence. She’s been leading a healthy lifestyle, which is working wonders for her mind as well as her body!

Monica Barbaro’s Measurements & Physical Attributes

Flaunting a charismatic figure, Monica Barbaro mesmerizes her audience with her impressive body measurements of around35-25-35 inches or 88-63-88 cm.The beautiful actress knows how to mold her physique into the role she’s playing quite well!

Monica Barbaro’s Shapely Curves

Monica’s sultry presence is enough to get her audience hooked on the screens, and she’s aware of it! That’s why she never fails to flash her curves of size 35 inches with abra size 34Cand a cup size C on and off screens. Her bold scenes from At Midnight were really something else!

Monica Barbaro’s Face Shape, Eye Color, and Hairstyles

Blessed with naturally gorgeous physical attributes, Monica Barbaro always glows! And the actress makes sure that she doesn’t just act with her body but also with her deep charismaticdark brown eyes, beautifying her adorableheart-shaped faceeven more!

Barbaro’s glossy and wavydark brunette hairalso adds charm to her face. She’s mostly seen with center-partition hairstyles and has also cut her waves to shoulder length. Well, she looks perfect in every single style!

Monica Barbaro’s Shoe Size & Dress Size

The At Midnight fame has time and again given us proof of her top-notch fashion sense. Barbaro wears a dress size of6 (US) or 10 (UK) or 38 (EU),which allows her to slip into skimpy bodycon outfits as well as showy bold gowns, like the one she wore to the 2023 Golden Globes!

The actress also has gorgeous and veiny feet, which she likes to showcase in different styles of heels, pumps, platforms, and shoes of size8 (US) or 6 (UK) or 39 (EU).Barbaro’s feet have their own way of stealing attention!

Height5 feet 7 inches or 170 cm (1.7 m)
Weight54 kg or 119 pounds
Face ShapeHeart-shaped
Body Measurements35-25-35 inches or 88-63-88 cm
Breast Size35 inches
Bra Size34C
Cup SizeC
Shoe Size8 (US) or 6 (UK) or 39 (EU)
Dress Size6 (US) or 10 (UK) or 38 (EU)
Eyes ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorDark Brunette

How Does Monica Barbaro Stay Fit?

There’s no doubt that it takes a lot of hard work for Monica to maintain her curves and tone her muscles. But some special roles require more!

For instance, Monica did a lot of boxing and speed bag training for her role as Cora Vasquez in The Good Cop, while for her role in Top Gun: Maverick, she did a lot of swimming, among other pieces of training.

So, Barbaro’s secret to fitness is her intense training for her roles, apart from healthy and balanced eating, of course!

Monica Barbaro’s Favorite Things

  • Favorite Hobbies:Traveling, Modeling
  • Favorite Place:Scotland
  • Favorite Colors:Black, Red
  • Favorite Pet:Dogs

A Quick Overview of Monica Barbaro’s Career

Since Monica knew she wanted to be an actress, there has been no looking back. After entering the industry through commercials, she first became popular for her role in the comedy It’s Not About the Nail.

Her breakthrough came with the role of Yael in the drama series Unreal. After this, she also played a minor role in Chicago P.D., which brought her a main role in the fourth installment of the franchise Chicago Justice.

Barbaro went on to win critical acclaim with her extraordinary performance as Natasha in the 2022 action film Top Gun: Maverick. She recently wooed her fans on the big in the Mexican romantic comedy At Midnight and the small screen in the FUBAR.

What face shape does Monica Barbaro have?

Monica Barbaro is blessed with an ever-radiant heart-shaped face, which looks perfectly symmetrical with her center-partition hairstyles.

What is Monica Barbaro’s hair color?

Monica’s natural hair color is dark brunette. She has also sported dark hair with medium blonde highlights, looking fantastic.

What color eyes does Monica Barbaro have?

Barbaro’s captivating eyes are bold and dark brown in color, bringing more attention to her pretty face.

Does Monica Barbaro have tattoos?

Monica doesn’t have any visible permanent tattoos as of now.

Did Monica Barbaro play in the Hunger Games?

No, Monica was not in the film series The Hunger Games.

Does Monica Barbaro have a pilot license?

Barbaro only flew the fighter plane in her film Top Gun: Maverick. She doesn’t have a pilot’s license in real life.

Where does Monica Barbaro live?

Monica Barbaro currently lives in Los Angeles, living her dream life!

Monica Barbaro knew what she wanted and didn’t wait a day to embark on her journey. Her fame today is proof that hard work can fulfill your dreams! Read about another inspiring story of Bindi Irwin, a popular Australian TV face and zookeeper!

Monica Barbaro's Height, Weight, Bio, Measurements & More (2024)
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