Irving-Based RollKall Acquires Fellow Off-Duty Security Provider Cover Your Assets (2024)

Off-duty and “extra-duty” law enforcement staffing solutions and services provider RollKall has become the largest provider in the space byenabling more than $1 billion in off duty payments following the acquisition of off-duty management systemCover Your Assets (CYA).

RollKall says this equates to it representing 10 times the amount of job experience and twice as many hours recorded compared to any other provider in the estimated $12 billion industry.

This announcement follows Irving-basedAthos Group acquiring RollKall last month. Athos Group is a technology service provider in RollKall’s industry.

The off-duty industry is one of the nation’s fastest-growing niche markets, according to a statement. RollKall works to help law enforcement agencies staff officers across the country for off-duty and “extra-duty” security assignments.

“We’re eager to further unify and transform this historically fragmented industry by continuing to equip business owners, law enforcement agencies and officers with innovative technology that brings greater transparency and effectiveness as they serve our communities,” Steven Power, president at RollKall, said in a statement.

RollKall’s technology has powered more than 1.97 million hours of off-duty jobs across the country, according to a statement, which has previously been limited by difficultmanagement processes. That’s what RollKall works to solveas a one-stop-shop for law enforcement agencies and businesses to manage all facets of the off-duty staffing process.

“In my opinion, RollKall is the future of the off-duty market—and I can’t imagine going back to our incredibly time-consuming pre-RollKall process,” Sergeant Joe Seaton, the special events supervisor for the Irving Police Department, said in a previous statement.

The RollKall app allows users to customize searches to their personal specifications, from job location to capabilities. Once a job is complete, an officer is able to get paid directly, without worrying about collecting 1099s or multiple forms of payment.

With the acquisition of CYA, RollKall furthers its mission of providing simple and cost-effective staffing solutions.

“We have been massively successful in managing off-duty services, but as the industry grows and evolves, change requires thoughtful and strategic efforts to ensure trust, integrity and accountability remain. The merger of CYA and RollKall has done this, by bringing two strong platforms together, making it the best mobile, invoicing, reporting and payment solution on the market today,” Ted Cormier, founder of CYA, said in a statement.

Similar to RollKall, CYA’s SaaS model helps organizations develop, deploy, and maintain their off-duty programs.

Collectively after the acquisition, RollKall has enabled over $1 billion in payments to officers, facilitated more than 29.6 million hours, helped over 59,000 officers, and assisted more than 37,500 businesses, according to a statement.

RollKall says that CYA is one of numerous acquisitions on the horizon, with more to come.

Irving-Based RollKall Acquires Fellow Off-Duty Security Provider Cover Your Assets (1)

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Irving-Based RollKall Acquires Fellow Off-Duty Security Provider Cover Your Assets (2024)
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