Choosing Valentine's Day Gifts (2024)

Choosing Valentine's Day Gifts (1)

Choosing Valentine’s Day Gifts

Surprise the special someone in your life with a Valentine’s Day gift that they’ll cherish forever.


This Valentine’s Day, celebrate love by treating your partner, pals, kids, yourself – all your favorite people to a thoughtful, one-of-a-kind gift. With Shutterfly, you can put your feelings on display by personalizing gifts with meaningful messages, photos, or inside jokes. From elegant jewelry and sweet-smelling candles to custom photo books and cozy photo blankets, we’ve created this ultimate Valentine’s Day gift guide with the best gifts for her, gifts for him, gifts for kids, and gifts for family and friends. Get to scrolling for plenty of ideas on choosing Valentine’s Day gifts for everyone you love in your life.

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Choosing Valentine’s Day Gifts For Everyone

This year, keep in mind that Valentine’s Day can be a loving celebration with everyone in your life. From your partner to your friends, family, and colleagues, Valentine’s Day is a fun time to celebrate both love and friendship together. To pick Valentine’s Day gifts for everyone in you life, consider who they are and what they love to do. You can create personalized Valentine’s gifts that are useful and match their personality. For anyone on your list, you can also create more sentimental gifts like photo books and framed prints that show your favorite memories together.

Valentine’s Day is all about showing your love and sharing your heart. And even though you don’t need to celebrate Valentine’s Day to remind the special someone in your life how much you love them, you can be sure a little Valentine reminder will be appreciated nonetheless. If you’re unsure what to give this year, consider the following tips when it comes to deciding how to handle Valentine’s Day gift giving.

  1. Make a list of their interests. Make this list long and write down as many things as you can. Now brainstorm something to go with every item on that list, small or big. You don’t have to give all those gifts, but you’re going to hit on some thoughtful ideas that your giftee will appreciate.
  2. Look to the past. Whether it’s a special mug memorializing a special moment or a gorgeous photo turned into a large canvas print, such a seemingly simple gift can mean so much as they revel in nostalgia.
  3. Ask yourself what that person needs, and put together a care package. From office gifts to help those working from home get organized to spa gifts for those who want to pamper themselves more this year, everyone has goals and aspirations they want to achieve.
  4. Make them laugh. While sentimental gifts are an obvious way to express your love, funny gifts may make more sense for your relationship. If pranks, gags, and funny antics are the foundation of your relationship, then give the gift of laughter this Valentine’s Day.
  5. Opt for an experience rather than physical item. Many people value experiences over material items, so consider how you might give your loved ones something that will create a fun experience for them such as online workshops or local events.
  6. Include a little bit of yourself. Make it personal in a different way by creating a piece of art, writing a song, knitting a scarf, or including a custom Valentine’s Day card. Combine this with the above suggestions for an ultra-personalized gift!

Design Custom Valentine’s Day Cards

Sometimes we need a little reminder that we are loved, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to express that love to all the people in your life. Say “I love you” with a custom Valentine’s Day card made by you.

Personalized Valentine’s Day cards show loved ones how you feel, to cherish and relive shared memories, and to reflect on the wonders of love. It’s a chance to appreciate your long-time friends, spouse, children, parents, grandparents, boyfriend or girlfriend, mentors, and even coworkers. Browse our selection of ready-made Valentine’s Day card designs to get inspired!


Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

Think outside the box this year with these unique Valentine’s Day gifts for her.Packed with creativity, heart, and all things cute, our list of personalized gifts below, which can be used to find something foryour girlfriend, fianceé, or wife, is full of thoughtful gift ideas that will definitely make her feel the love on Valentine’s Day and beyond.

This year, Shutterfly will also help you find the best Valentine’s gifts for her even if your gifting for your mom, sister, friend, or another woman in your life. Everyone deserves to feel admired and special, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show you care. Some great ideas for Valentine’s gifts for her include jewelry, candles, home decor, kitchen accessories, and much more. Before you shop, consider her taste and what she likes to do.

Romantic Valentine’s Gifts For Your Wife

Running out ofgift ideasfor your wife? Coming up with surprising and romantic gifts for your wife (orfianceé) isn’t always easy. But that’s why we’re here to help. Start with our list of the bestpersonalized giftsthat she won’t find anywhere else, or knock her socks off with abig statement giftshe’ll never forget. With dozens of romantic gift ideas to choose from, there’s something for every wife on our list.

1. Photo Books

This Valentine’s Day, go beyond typical flowers and generic chocolates to show your wife how much you care with a Valentine’s photo book. Whether you want to create a treasury for all of your family’s special memories or celebrate your love with your one and only, a custom Valentine’s Day photo book is the perfect medium for your loving message.


2. Custom Jewelry

Make this Valentine’s Day more memorable than ever for your wife with unique, personalized jewelry she can cherish for years to come. Customize her jewelry with a meaningful initial or word or add a variety of photo charms to her ever growing charm bracelet. Gifting jewelry for Valentine’s Day is a great way to show how you feel, and it also gives her a present she can appreciate for long after Valentine’s Day is over.


3. Personalized Photo Notebooks

The best Valentine’s Day gifts are both personal and functional. That’s why a custom notebook journal is always a brilliant choice! Especially one that contains a personal note and expressions of love and affection. If your wife is always balancing endless tasks and priorities, she’ll love the simple gesture of gifting her something that will make her life easier. With a personalized photo, the notebook is even more special.


Thoughtful Valentine’s Gifts For Your Girlfriend

We know how important it is to get a unique gift for your girlfriend — one just as unique as she is. Finding the best present for her doesn’t have to be a struggle: We’ve done all the work for you! Whether she’s a daring adventurer or a wine connoisseur, you’re sure to find thoughtful surprises for Valentine’s Day. Below, we’ve rounded up the best Valentine’s Day gifts for girlfriends of all kinds. These cute Valentine’s gifts for her will make her smile, and they’re all useful presents she can use year round. To get started, round up your favorite photos of her or the two of you together and then simply choose the gift that matches her personality the best.

1. Stemless Wine Glasses

Does your Valentine enjoy wine? A custom wine glass is a thoughtful and romantic Valentine’s Day gift that will spark a memory each time it is used. Deliver funny, cute, or romantic Valentine wine glasses that are perfect to toast your love for years to come. For an extra special night, pick up her favorite wine or other beverage you can enjoy in the brand new wine glasses. She’ll love the personalized Valentine’s gift while also being able to use it during a romantic Valentine’s date.


2. Kitchen Cutting Boards

A classy gift for your favorite cook or sous chef is a personalized cutting board that you can design with their name, initials, or a personal message. We offer the best cutting board options in bamboo or rubber wood. An engraved cutting board delivers a personal touch and can serve as a beautiful accent in any kitchen.


3. Custom Canvas Prints

Our tabletop canvas prints are an easy way to add beauty to a home or office while displaying your fondest memories. Highlight one special photo or many with our unique custom canvas prints. Pair a favorite photo with a special quote, poem, or note to create a romantic keepsake.


Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

When it comes to finding a great Valentine’s gift for your husband, fiancé, or boyfriend, think about how you want to make him feel. Loved and appreciated? Go the romantic route and shop for something sentimental. Understood and cared for? Buy him something useful that he needs, but that he wouldn’t think to ask for. Surprised and delighted? Honor his hobby, choose something funny or opt for an experience gift. Here, we’ve rounded up a whole bunch of Valentine’s gifts for him that hit all of the right notes.

Unique Valentine’s Gifts For Your Husband

If your goal is to make Valentine’s Day special for your husband this year — these gifts will help you show your appreciation. You’ll find a creative gift for every kind of relationship, whether you’re celebrating your first Valentine’s Day together or you’ve been married to your husband for what feels like forever. We’ve got plenty of Valentine’s gift ideas that are personal, practical, and romantic.

The best part is you don’t have to choose between sentimental or practical gifts for Valentine’s Day. With Shutterfly, your personal photos will make any gift more heartwarming than anything you could pick up at the store. Even if he says he doesn’t want anything, we promise these Valentine’s gifts for your husband will steal the show.

1. Photo Fleece Blankets

Keep your husband warm and cozy this Valentine’s Day with custom photo blankets. Design your custom blankets with beautiful color palettes, unique themes, and add your favorite photos, names, special dates, and messages. Fleece photo blankets make both practical and personalized gifts and keepsakes.


2. Custom iPhone Cases

Our phones go with us everywhere and are often the first things we look at in the morning or before we go to sleep. Bring a smile to your husband’s face every time he looks at his phone by designing your very own custom phone case. With our custom phone case maker and text tools, you can easily personalize your gift with a favorite quote, family name, or special date.


3. Unique Personalized Hoodies

Give a personalized hoodie as a Valentine’s gift to a husband who loves to show off his unique sense of style. Whether you use inside jokes, a single photo, or make a photo collage, he can take favorite memories with him everywhere he goes. Unlike a sweater you can get from a store, a Shutterfly personalized hoodie doubles as a unique keepsake. He’ll love feeling snug through the end of winter and smiling whenever he sees the fun design you chose.


Best Valentine’s Gifts For Your Boyfriend

Thinking of new, fun gift ideas for boyfriend can be challenging. Maybe he’s told you he “doesn’t want anything,” or maybe a DIY Valentine’s Day card just doesn’t feel like enough this year. Don’t give up just yet, because we’ve rounded up the absolute best Valentine’s Day gifts for boyfriends, from serious, sentimental finds to more casual, funny gift ideas. Whether you’ve only just started dating this year or you’ve been in a long-term relationship for years, these personalized gifts for him are perfect for any type of relationship at any stage.

Some great Valentine’s gift ideas for your boyfriend can include home decor as well as home office supplies. Give him the gift of balance by making sure he has supplies he needs for school or work as well as gifts for relaxing, like custom photo pillows. He’ll appreciate your keen eye for seeing what he needs while turning useful products into sentimental items.

1. Personalized Photo Pillows

Display your photos in crisp detail on our custom photo pillows, perfect for sending as a Valentine’s Day gift when you can’t be there to hug them yourself. Gather multiple photos for a fun collage pillow or personalize a monogram pillow with your initials for added charm. For your personalized throw pillow, choose photos from your earlier dates or special trips you’ve gone on. He’ll love seeing which memories you choose to feature on the pillow.


2. Personalized Mugs

Color-changing mugs make incredible Valentine’s Day gifts for boyfriends. What seems like an ordinary black mug holds a delightful surprise when you fill it with a hot beverage. Watch as your Valentine’s Day message magically appears on the personalized mug! If he relies on coffee for work or school or even just loves other hot beverages like tea or coffee, a mug makes the perfect gift.


3. Custom Photo Mouses

Many of us spend a great deal of time sitting and working at our desks, so it’s important that we make our work spaces our own. Warm up his workspace a little more and add a one-of-a-kind touch with custom mouse featuring a photo that makes him smile. A photo mouse is super easy to create — just add your own pictures, images, designs, or text to make a desk accessory that stands out among the rest.


Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Friends

Valentine’s Day is a great way to stay connected with friends and celebrate your love for anyone that you appreciate. Your friends – new and old – have been with you through thick and thin, so this year, return the favor with these thoughtful Valentine’s Days gifts for friends. Give them a gift to remind them how awesome they’ve been, whether it’s new accessories, practical gifts, or a something that can be personalized with heartfelt messages and funny photos that only your nearest and dearest would appreciate.

1. Custom Pint Glasses

Personalized pint glasses make thoughtful, practical Valentine’s gifts for the beer lovers in your life. Thank your friends in style with funny pints made just for them. Look no further than a personalized beer glass that will bring your friends years of enjoyment and is an excellent way to show someone you care.


2. Personalized Easel Calendars

If you have trouble saying what you feel in words for Valentine’s Day, then say it in photos with a custom easel calendar! Pick 12 personal images as well as a font theme, then print calendar pages for an easel your friends can put on their desk. Memories, treasured.


3. Gifts For Pet Owners

Valentine’s Day is a prime time to show the dog mom or cat dad in your life some love. Whether you’re looking for Valentine’s Day gifts for your friend who snuggles their dog in bed or a someone who insists on including their cat in family photos, we’ve got loads of Valentine’s Day pet gift ideas to choose from. Browse through our favorite pet accessories here!


Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Partner

Searching for gifts that any partner will love? Whether you’re married or committed to a serious relationship, they’ll enjoy these unisex gift ideas for Valentine’s Day. These romantic gift ideas for your partner are centered around memories that they can cherish through custom wall art or keepsakes for the home. Take a look at your social media photos or camera roll to create a beautiful custom gift.

Some great gift ideas for your partner include home decor, which is especially great if you live together. Your partner will love coming home to the sweet surprise of new framed prints or canvas prints on Valentine’s Day! Use these sweet gift ideas to create a loving surprise, and be sure to make a romantic night of it with a homemade dinner as well. Along with your Valentine’s Day gift, don’t forget the Valentine’s Day card as well.

1. Framed Prints

Choose your favorite photo or memories from a specific day and create a beautiful framed print. With Shutterfly you’ll have options to create a photo collage or stick with one image set with a beautiful frame and top mat. You can even choose your favorite artwork to set in a professional frame. Your partner will love being able to display the photo proudly on a table or wall.

If you live together, a framed print makes an especially great Valentine’s gift because you’ll both be able to enjoy it together. On Valentine’s Day, let them open the framed print you’ve designed and then choose the best place to hang or display it at home.


2. Canvas Prints

Looking for something more cozy and warm, yet still elegant? Turn your favorite photos into a canvas print that they can hang with or without a frame. If your partner loves home décor, a canvas print can be the perfect piece to complete a gallery wall with a special memory of the two of you together.

Shutterfly’s canvas prints include options for a single photo or a photo collage, so you don’t have to choose between your favorites. Some great ideas for Valentine’s canvas prints include engagement photos, photos from your favorite dates, or photos from your vacations.


3. Instant Books

If you don’t want to go through the process to make a full photo book, you can always choose a smaller Instant Book that just takes seconds. Create a 6X6 Instant Book from your phone or laptop by uploading the photos you love. Shutterfly will handle the rest, but you’ll still be able to decide which photos should go where.

An Instant Book could be a great Valentine’s gift for your partner if you have a recent occasion you want to celebrate. If you just moved together or went on a big trip, you can take all your memories and commemorate them in a single book.


Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Children

Make this Valentine’s Day one to remember for the little ones in your life with these Valentine’s Day gift ideas for kids of all ages. Watch them light up when you present them with items the whole family can enjoy or toys and accessories just for them. From colorful backpacks to custom puzzles and playing cards, we’ve rounded up some of the cutest, sweetest gifts out there for the kids in your life. Our Valentine’s Day gifts for kids will not only make your little one feel loved, but will undoubtedly draw a smile from ear to ear.

Some great ideas for kids’ Valentine’s gifts include games and activities like photo puzzles and memory games. Choose heart-themed designs for Valentine’s Day or create custom games that have evergreen styles for all year long. You can also gift useful products like photo water bottles they can bring with them to school and custom backpacks that they’ll love showing off. Browse some of our favorite Valentine’s gifts for kids below:

Custom Photo Puzzles

Kids Photo Water Bottles

Custom Pins

Memory Games For Kids

Kids Photo Gallery Kids Cloth Face Mask

Personalized Kids Backpacks

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Family

Stay in touch with family members near and far with these Valentine’s Day gift ideas for family. Use Valentine’s Day as a time for family togetherness and share the love with gifts for mom, gifts for dad, grandparents, daughters and sons, siblings, and more. No matter the distance, personalized gifts are a great way to let your family know you’re thinking about them. Sending Valentine gifts with a sweet note can especially be a fun way for kids to connect with loved ones!

Sweet Gifts For Mom & Dad

Here’s to spreading love and positivity to the very people who made you who you are! Find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for mom, dad, grandma and grandpa with these collection of personalized Valentine’s gifts for parents and grandparents. Whether it’s a picture frame or photo album for grandparents with photos of the little ones, a custom coffee mug for dad or beautiful jewelry box for mom, these selections of personalized gifts offers plenty of choices so you can find unique gifts they’ll treasure for years to come.

1. Personalized Beer Stein

Put a classic twist on your toasts with this traditional ceramic beer stein. Personalize with photos, messages and more to create a unique Valentine’s gift for mom or dad. Featuring simple lines at the rim and base, it also makes for a handsome display piece.


2. Photo Table Placemats

Mom and dad will appreciate custom photo placemats catered just to them. Mealtime is a unique time to gather the family and reenergize. Bring that feeling of family to every meal this Valentine’s Day with personalized placemats.


3. Phone Ring Holders

Phone ring holders are extremely practical and useful items, making them excellent, one-of-a-kind gifts to give to your parents or grandparents on Valentine’s Day. Choose from our vast array of colors, upload a favorite photo and add a custom message or name. It’s as easy as that!


Cute Gifts For Sister & Brother

Make this Valentine’s Day extra special by honoring your siblings with these unique gifts for sister and brother. Everyone thinks Valentine’s day is just for romantic gifts, but love is all about the people who are always there for you, including your siblings. Through thick and thin, your sister and brother have probably helped you in different ways, and Valentine’s Day is a great time to say thank you.

Whether you’re looking for something heartfelt or something goofy, send your siblings a Valentine’s greeting that lets them know how much they mean to you. Here are some Valentine’s Day gift ideas that will brighten the day of those people who brighten yours all year long.

1. Custom Photo Tiles

Photo tiles made of special memories make excellent Valentine’s Day gifts to share with loved ones. The hassle-free piece of custom wall art gives your recipient the ability to decorate their walls with no commitment necessary. If you have siblings in college, they’ll especially love photo tiles as damage-free dorm decor. Photo tiles also make excellent Valentine’s Day gifts if you go on family trips together and want to offer them decor that features your experiences together.


2. Personalized Wristlets

No matter what your sister’s fashion sense is like, you can find a custom wristlet design that’s the perfect complement to her personality. From chevron and stripes to flowers, dog-themed designs and more, the customization options are virtually endless.


3. Custom Photo Socks

Personalized photo socks are the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for family! From pet-themed socks to fun family memories, you can make stylish socks the whole family will love. Here are just a few sock ideas for personalizing:

  • Monogram: Keep it simple and classy with a monogrammed design on a patterned background.
  • Collage: Show off a few of your favorite family photos.
  • Words: Express yourself with customized designs that say “blessed,” “love,” “family” and more.
  • Upload Your Own Design: For a truly one-of-a-kind design, upload your own art, photo or creation to make an impact.

Wrapping Up

There are never one-size-fits-all Valentine’s Day gifts because your gift should focus on your loved one’s interests. Some gifts may be luxurious, some may be practical and some may be a little bit of both. Our collection of Valentine’s Day gifts and cards offers plenty of Valentine’s gifts ideas for every shopper. Whether you’re shopping for Valentine’s gifts for her or Valentine’s gifts for him, you can find everything you need at Shutterfly. Don’t forget to spread the love this year to everyone in your life, including friends, family, and more!

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