66 Stylish BARBIE PARTY Ideas! (2024)

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Reasons to Love These Stylish Barbie Party Ideas 66 Stylish Barbie Party Ideas! 1: FREE Barbie "Let's Go Party" Printables 2: FREE Fun Printable BARBIE Bingo Game! 3: FREE Vintage Barbie Party Printables 4: Barbie Party Invitation 5: Personalized Barbie Party Invitation 6: Digital Barbie Party Invitation 7: Stylish Barbie Dessert Table 8: Impressive Barbie Dessert Table 9: Dazzling Barbie Dessert Table 10: Barbie Doll Box Dessert Table 11: Asian Barbie Birthday Party 12: Barbie Pool Party 13: Malibu Barbie Birthday Party 14: Barbie Sleepover 15: Barbie Birthday Cake 16: Princess Barbie Birthday Cake 17: Barbie Doll Birthday Cake 18: Pink Bow Barbie Birthday Cake 19: Malibu Barbie Birthday Cake 20: Adult Barbie Birthday Cake 21: Barbie Birthday Cake Topper 22: Barbie Cookies 23: Barbie Spa Cookies 24: Chocolate Covered Barbie Cookies 25: Pink Barbie Macarons 26: Barbie Cupcakes 27: Barbie Krispie Treats 28: Barbie Cake Pops 29: Pink Donuts 30: Pink Lemonade 31: Barbie Drinks 32: Barbie co*cktail 33: Barbie Disco Ball Bottles 34: Pink Barbie Cup 35: Barbie Welcome Poster 36: Barbie Milestone Poster 37: Barbie Fringe Back Drop 38: Barbie Balloon Decor 39: Barbie Centerpiece 40: Fashionista Barbie Centerpiece 41: Barbie Silhouette Party Decoration 42: Floral Corvette Centrepiece 43: Fabulous Pink Balloon Decorations 44: Barbie Foil Balloon 45:Elegant Pink and Black Barbie Table Settings 46: Barbie Table Settings and Tableware 47: Barbie Pool Party Table Settings 48: Barbie Party Activity 49: Barbie-Inspired Runway 50: Barbie Bouncy Castle 51: Cupcake Decorating 52. Barbie Pinata 53. Barbie Photo Booth 54: Barbie Photo Booth Frame 55: Barbie Cap 56: Barbie T-Shirt 57: 'Come on Barbie Let's Go Party' Sweatshirt 58: Pink Sparkly Barbie Heart Glasses 59: Barbie Tote Bag 60: Barbie Party Favor Dolls 61: Barbie Scrunchie Party Favor 62: Barbie Party Favor Necklace 63: Barbie Temporary Tattoos 64: Barbie Pillow 65: Barbie Treat Box 66: Barbie Party Gift Bags Stylish Barbie Party Ideas FAQs Need more Barbie party ideas? add your comment FAQs

by Jillian Leslie on

Step right into the vibrant world of Barbie party magic, where pink reigns supreme and the fun is unstoppable!

Get ready for a blast planning your Barbie party with our exciting lineup of 66 playful and trendy Barbie party ideas. Whether you’re a longtime Barbie enthusiast or just caught the sparkle of the latest Barbie movie, these ideas are crafted to turn your celebration into a joyous and unforgettable bash. Let the glam and cheer of Barbie take center stage at your ultimate party extravaganza!

A Barbie party is the perfect theme for girls, teens and even adults, that love fashion, style, and, of course, everything PINK! And don’t forget our FREE Barbie “Let’s Go Party” printables to help you decorate.

We’ve also got a great bunch of ideas for Barbie party activities that you won’t want to miss!

66 Stylish BARBIE PARTY Ideas! (1)

From glamorous decorations to fun-filled activities, a Barbie-themed party promises a day of enchantment and imagination.

So, put on your pink-tinted glasses and get ready to embark on a memorable journey into the magical world of Barbie with these fantastic Barbie birthday party ideas!!”

Reasons to Love These Stylish Barbie Party Ideas

  • Barbie is synonymous with fashion and style. which makes it the perfect theme for a fashionista.
  • It’s such a versatile party theme. Barbie offers an extensive range of themes and characters, from princesses to superheroes, fashionistas to career women which allow for a wide variety of party ideas to suit every child’s interests and preferences.
  • Barbie is such a positive role model and has evolved over the years to embrace diversity and inclusivity. A Barbie party can help promote positive messages of self-acceptance, diversity, and empowerment.
  • Beloved for generations, a Barbie birthday party theme can evoke a sense of nostalgia for both parents and guests, allowing you to share your own childhood memories and experiences with your daughter.
  • Barbie parties are everywhere and a massive trend since the release of the new Barbie movie!

66 Stylish Barbie Party Ideas!

66 Stylish BARBIE PARTY Ideas! (2)

1: FREE Barbie "Let's Go Party" Printables

Introducing the must-have addition to your Barbie-themed extravaganza – our FREE Barbie "Let's Go Party" printables!

If you've fallen head over heels for the Barbie movie and can't wait to throw an unforgettable Barbie-inspired birthday bash, these printables are an absolute game-changer.

With these stylish and vibrant designs, you'll effortlessly create a glamorous atmosphere and wow your guests.

Download our FREE Barbie "Let's Go Party" printables today and let the magic begin!

66 Stylish BARBIE PARTY Ideas! (3)

2: FREE Fun Printable BARBIE Bingo Game!

Looking to dazzle all the Barbie aficionados at your party without breaking the bank? Well, look no further!

Snag our super fun, printable Barbie Bingo game for free, and inject a burst of excitement and laughter into your Barbie celebration!

66 Stylish BARBIE PARTY Ideas! (4)

3: FREE Vintage Barbie Party Printables

If you are on a budget then you really don’t want to miss our gorgeous FREEVintage Barbie party printables that you can use to decorate your fabulous party!

Our FREE Barbie party printables collection includes invitations, gift tags, large party circles, “Celebrate” banners (large and small), mini candy bar wrappers, party circles, treat toppers, thank you & menu/place cards, and water bottle labels.

This pink-tastic Barbie party invitation with its fun and playful design sets the tone for a celebration filled with creativity, dress-up fun, and interactive activities.

The allure of Barbie's world ensures a delightful and memorable party for all!

Create some buzz for your Barbie bash with a fantastic personalized Barbie party invitation!

Picture the excitement as soon as they set their eyes on a snapshot of the birthday girl as if she were a glamorous Barbie displayed in her own box.

It's the perfect way to set the tone for a truly unforgettable celebration.

Celebrate the magic of Barbie with our eco-friendly and customizable digital invitations!

Instant delivery, RSVP tracking, and interactive features make party planning a breeze.

66 Stylish BARBIE PARTY Ideas! (8)

7: Stylish Barbie Dessert Table

To get started we have this absolutely fabulous Barbie dessert table that is everything you’d expect from a Barbie birthday party!

This design can also seamlessly transition to adult Barbie party ideas, retaining sophistication and flair for an older audience.

The Barbie backdrop remains a lovely touch that adds to the party, regardless of the age group.

66 Stylish BARBIE PARTY Ideas! (9)

8: Impressive Barbie Dessert Table

Transform your dessert table into a showstopper an impressive Barbie-themed setup, adorned with a breathtaking pink balloon garland.

This eye-catching display is not only perfect for a child's party but also adds a touch of sophistication for an adult Barbie celebration.

Delight your guests with a visual feast that matches the glamour of the iconic Barbie brand.

66 Stylish BARBIE PARTY Ideas! (10)

9: Dazzling Barbie Dessert Table

If you can’t resist glamour and glitz then this next pink dazzling Barbie birthday party is more spectacular than anything you could ever dream of!

Any girl that loves to shine would go crazy with an amazing party like this one.

66 Stylish BARBIE PARTY Ideas! (11)

10: Barbie Doll Box Dessert Table

You can’t get any more on-theme than with a Barbie box dessert table!

How cool it is to decorate a dessert table to look just like a Barbie doll box?
It’s an awesome idea that helps make the birthday cake take center stage.

66 Stylish BARBIE PARTY Ideas! (12)

11: Asian Barbie Birthday Party

Take your guests on a trip to the Orient with an oriental-themed Barbie birthday party.

Decorate with traditional Japanese references such as gates and cherry blossoms.

66 Stylish BARBIE PARTY Ideas! (13)

12: Barbie Pool Party

Dive into the fun with a Barbie Pool Party! Turn your backyard into a tropical oasis with vibrant decorations, inflatable floats, and Barbie-themed pool accessories.

Add a touch of glamour by incorporating Barbie's signature pink into the poolside decor.

It's a splash of joy for Barbie enthusiasts of all ages.

66 Stylish BARBIE PARTY Ideas! (14)

13: Malibu Barbie Birthday Party

On the flip side, for an adult Barbie theme party in the summer birthday treat your guests to a fabulous Barbie Malibu-inspired event.

Infuse it with an abundance of bright and lively colors, and if possible, consider making it extra special with a poolside celebration!

66 Stylish BARBIE PARTY Ideas! (15)

14: Barbie Sleepover

There’s nothing better than having your best friends over for a late-night chat and lots of fun with a sleepover..

Treat your guests to a bunch of comfy cushions and a Barbie doll party favor and place it at the entrance to each teepee.

66 Stylish BARBIE PARTY Ideas! (16)

15: Barbie Birthday Cake

A birthday cake by definition has to be a show-stopper and this example definitely is!

Loving all the pink and gold details, that give this cake such an exquisite touch.

If you’d like to make your own try out this edible gold dust to create some gold ornaments

66 Stylish BARBIE PARTY Ideas! (17)

16: Princess Barbie Birthday Cake

Why not mix together two of the most popular girl birthday party themes: princesses and Barbies and throw a princess Barbie-inspired birthday party?

This birthday cake is a wonderful example of how perfectly the two themes blend together.

Be sure to take a look at all our princess-themed parties for more ideas!

66 Stylish BARBIE PARTY Ideas! (18)

17: Barbie Doll Birthday Cake

The ultimate Barbie fan will go crazy at the idea of a Barbie doll cake, making it one of our most fantastic Barbie party ideas!

Place a plastic Barbie doll on a semispheric cake and decorate it with ruffled pink fondant to resemble a skirt.

Your cake is most definitely going to stand proud on your dessert table!

66 Stylish BARBIE PARTY Ideas! (19)

18: Pink Bow Barbie Birthday Cake

Sweeten your celebration with a pink bow Barbie birthday cake!

Adorned with delicate fondant hearts and topped with a stunning pink bow, this confection is a delicious work of art

It's the perfect centerpiece for your dessert table, capturing the essence of Barbie's timeless elegance.

66 Stylish BARBIE PARTY Ideas! (20)

19: Malibu Barbie Birthday Cake

If you are throwing a fun Malibu Barbie birthday you’ll want to treat your party guests to a beach-themed cake.

Use food coloring or edible decorations to add details like shells, beach umbrellas, and a surfboard. To create ‘sand’ add crumbs and toppings to your cake.

Don't miss all our other fun teen birthday cake ideas!

66 Stylish BARBIE PARTY Ideas! (21)

20: Adult Barbie Birthday Cake

For a touch of grown-up glam, indulge in our chic pink ombre cake.

Topped with lush pink roses and decadent macarons, this cake is a masterpiece of sophistication.

The sides drizzled with chocolate add a rich and indulgent flavor, making it an ideal treat for adult Barbie enthusiasts.

If you are not a baker or don’t have enough time to create an all-out Barbie-themed cake, but want to treat your daughter to a fabulous birthday cake, we’ve got the perfect solution!

Top a drip cake with a beautiful personalized topper and decorate it with some store-bought macarons and meringues.

66 Stylish BARBIE PARTY Ideas! (23)

22: Barbie Cookies

If you have a sweet tooth for cookies you won’t want to miss this gorgeous mix of pink sugar-coated Barbie cookies.

Take your pick from a cute Barbie silhouette cookie to a pretty pinl bows

Make your own Barbie cookies with the help of a Barbie cookie cutter.

66 Stylish BARBIE PARTY Ideas! (24)

23: Barbie Spa Cookies

Barbie is so well known for her fashion sense and glamour, so how about instead of serving regular Barbie-themed cookies at your party, treating your guests to ones that resemble bottles of nail polish?

They are great if, for instance, you are throwing a spa-themed Barbie party.

Check out all our spa-themed partiess!

66 Stylish BARBIE PARTY Ideas! (25)

24: Chocolate Covered Barbie Cookies

Your guests will be blown away by some beautiful Barbie-themed chocolate-covered cookies like these.

You’ve got to love the Barbie toppers including the Barbie silhouettes, pearl necklaces, and wonderful black bows decorating each cookie!

66 Stylish BARBIE PARTY Ideas! (26)

25: Pink Barbie Macarons

If you are planning on serving macarons at your Barbie birthday party then you’ll want to check out these gorgeous pink macarons decorated with black bows.

They are delightful Barbie-themed party food that looks just the part and will delight your guests.

66 Stylish BARBIE PARTY Ideas! (27)

26: Barbie Cupcakes

If cupcakes are more your thing then you won’t want to miss these.

Simply top some pink frosted cupcakes with some wonderful cutout Barbie silhouette toppers and you’re good to go.

66 Stylish BARBIE PARTY Ideas! (28)

27: Barbie Krispie Treats

Serve some lovely Barbie-themed Krispie Treats by simply dipping them in white chocolate and adding some fondant pink Barbie silhouettes.

Or, you can dip them in black chocolate, decorate with some white polka dots and finish them off with an impressive pink bow.

66 Stylish BARBIE PARTY Ideas! (29)

28: Barbie Cake Pops

These Barbie cake pops are divine! Who would have thought that you could transform simple cake pops into little Barbies?!

They’ll look amazing on your dessert table and add so much finesse!

66 Stylish BARBIE PARTY Ideas! (30)

29: Pink Donuts

Treat your guests to some delicious pink donuts at your Barbie party!

Drizzle lighter pink icing and decorate with some pretty sprinkles and you’re done.

The girls won’t be able to get enough of them.

66 Stylish BARBIE PARTY Ideas! (31)

30: Pink Lemonade

There’s something so refreshing and cute about pink lemonade!

Add some chic to your Barbie party by serving this delicious pink drink to your guests.

66 Stylish BARBIE PARTY Ideas! (32)

31: Barbie Drinks

WOW! These pink glittered water bottles are the most sparkly thing I’ve ever seen and perfect for your party!

To make your own place your bottle in a small cake pan or cookie sheet so glitter doesn’t go all over the place.

Apply a thin coat of mod podge to the surface of the bottle with a foam brush.

Hold the bottle in one hand and shake the pink glitter around the bottle while you spin it.

Make sure all the surface of the bottle is covered in glitter. Allow time for it to dry.

66 Stylish BARBIE PARTY Ideas! (33)

32: Barbie co*cktail

Stir up the party vibes by treating your guests to a Barbie co*cktail!

This delightful drink features a Barbie-themed stirrer and is adorned with an elegant edible flower.

66 Stylish BARBIE PARTY Ideas! (34)

33: Barbie Disco Ball Bottles

If you are throwing a disco-themed Barbie party you don’t want to miss these dazzling disco ball bottles.

Your guests will feel so cool drinking out of them and they’ll look fabulous on a drinks stand!

For more inspiration check out these fabulous disco-themed parties!

Add a touch of magic to your Barbie party with these delightful pink plastic cups featuring the iconic Barbie logo!

Perfect for sipping on sweet refreshments and creating cherished memories with friends.

Give your Barbie party a warm and stylish welcome with Barbie-themed decorations!

Designed to set the perfect tone for a day this Barbie welcomes add a touch of elegance and excitement to your celebration.

The Barbie imagery will instantly captivate guests of all ages, making them feel like they've stepped into Barbie's world.

A Milestone poster is an absolute hit as a party decoration, and this Barbie one is no exception!

With personalization that touches hearts, they evoke nostalgia and create conversation starters.

Versatile and affordable, milestone posters amplify the themed atmosphere and are a must-have party decoration!

Add Barbie-worthy glam to your party with a pink, silver, and white fringe backdrop!

Shimmering and stylish, it's perfect for unforgettable photos and creating a dazzling atmosphere.

66 Stylish BARBIE PARTY Ideas! (39)

38: Barbie Balloon Decor

Balloon garlands and walls are so on-trend right now and are everywhere.

This balloon wall is so cool with everything girls like, such as rollerskates and disco balls.

66 Stylish BARBIE PARTY Ideas! (40)

39: Barbie Centerpiece

This Barbie girl centerpiece, made with pink tissue paper pom poms and the instantly recognizable Barbie silhouette, is so chic!

it’s easy to replicate and adds such elegance to your table settings.

66 Stylish BARBIE PARTY Ideas! (41)

40: Fashionista Barbie Centerpiece

Decorate your table settings with a stylish Barbie centerpiece.

Have her proudly strike a pose like no other one can, and have her take center stage at each table.

66 Stylish BARBIE PARTY Ideas! (42)

41: Barbie Silhouette Party Decoration

A Barbie silhouette is so iconic and sometimes more is less.

This is why you really can’t go wrong decorating your party with a minimalist black Barbie silhouette.

It just oozes style and chic!

66 Stylish BARBIE PARTY Ideas! (43)

42: Floral Corvette Centrepiece

Make a statement with a floral corvette centerpiece!

Fill a bright pink Barbie car with a lush floral arrangement to make it the focal point of your party decor.

This unique centerpiece combines the playful spirit of Barbie with the timeless beauty of fresh flowers, creating a captivating visual display.

66 Stylish BARBIE PARTY Ideas! (44)

43: Fabulous Pink Balloon Decorations

These table settings go overboard with lots of pink and sparkles. Just what a Barbie birthday party requires!

The balloon decor is so impressive with all the different shades of pink.

If you are stuck for time or on a tight budget don’t let that stop you from decorating your party with Barbie decorations.

Simply get a hold of some pretty Barbie foil balloons and either scatter them around your venue or place them on either end of your dessert table. You really can’t go wrong!

66 Stylish BARBIE PARTY Ideas! (46)

45:Elegant Pink and Black Barbie Table Settings

Add some elegance to your pink Barbie table settings with a dazzling Barbie silhouette centerpiece and some gorgeous pink and black lunch boxes.

Decorate your chairs with some black lace and hang some pearls or beads over the back of each one.

66 Stylish BARBIE PARTY Ideas! (47)

46: Barbie Table Settings and Tableware

The pink Barbie silhouette paper plates and cups are totally on-theme and will elevate your Barbie birthday party to another level.

The gorgeous floral arrangements are the perfect party decoration and will make your table settings so pretty.

66 Stylish BARBIE PARTY Ideas! (48)

47: Barbie Pool Party Table Settings

Set the scene for a tropical paradise with some Barbie pool party table settings!

Use inflatable floaties as seats and vibrant tropical decor to create a laid-back yet chic atmosphere.

Your guests will feel like they're in a Barbie-themed resort, complete with the charm and relaxation of a sun-soaked getaway.

66 Stylish BARBIE PARTY Ideas! (49)

48: Barbie Party Activity

If you’re stuck for a party activity at your Barbie party how about treating your guests to a manicure?

There’s nothing better than some pampering for a girl to feel special.

Get as many different color nail varnishes as you can so your guests will be spoilt for choice.

66 Stylish BARBIE PARTY Ideas! (50)

49: Barbie-Inspired Runway

Kids love dressing up, so how about setting up a glamorous mini runway and having your guests strut up and down showing off their undeniable style?

Provide some pretty pink or black tulle skirts and a bunch of feather boas for them to dress up with. Then turn it into a dance party!

66 Stylish BARBIE PARTY Ideas! (51)

50: Barbie Bouncy Castle

Bouncy Castles are so on trend at the moment and seem to be a must-have at all sorts of parties. Kids love nothing more than jumping up and down on them so you can be sure it will be a hit.

Decorate it with either a colorful balloon garland, or a beautiful pink one.

We've loads of more Barbie party activity ideas that you may find inspirational.

66 Stylish BARBIE PARTY Ideas! (52)

51: Cupcake Decorating

Let the creativity flow with a cupcake decorating station!

Provide guests with freshly baked cupcakes topped with pink frosting, and offer a variety of sprinkles, toppings, and edible decorations to allow everyone to customize their sweet treats.

It's a hands-on activity that adds a fun and interactive element to the Barbie party.

Another party activity that is guaranteed to be a success is a pinata.

Fill a Barbie silhouette pinata with candy and watch the delight on kid's faces as they bash it to bits and try to catch as much of it as they can.

66 Stylish BARBIE PARTY Ideas! (54)

53. Barbie Photo Booth

You can’t have a Barbie party without the ultimate Barbie box photo booth.

Your stylish guests are going to love having their photos taken in a bunch of different poses.

This is the perfect photo op and a great keepsake for such a fun day.

Party Tip: Put out Barbie accessories so the girls can dress up, and maybe even have a Barbie fashion show.

Can't get a Barbie box photo booth? No worries! This Barbie box-inspired photo booth frame is the perfect solution.

Budget-friendly, easy to set up, and versatile, it creates a captivating focal point for unforgettable photos.

Personalize it, reuse it, and cherish the memories it captures.

Rock the Barbie look at your party with this pink embroidered baseball cap!

Stylish, fun, and practical, it's a great perfect accessory and a wonderful party favor your guests can take home with them!

Handing out some Barbie t-shirts at the beginning of your party will help create a fun and unified atmosphere.

These stylish tees are cool photo booth props and excellent party favors!

Just what you need if you are popping down to the movie theatre to watch the new Barbie movie!

Look no further for the perfect birthday outfit! This personalized Barbie sweatshirt is the ultimate party essential that effortlessly blends style and fun.

Not only will it keep you cozy and chic throughout the event, but its playful charm also makes it the perfect photo booth prop, that doubles up as a great party favor too!

Send your guests home with this stylish memento, that will not only leave them with a lasting memory of the celebration but will also add a touch of glam to their wardrobes!

66 Stylish BARBIE PARTY Ideas! (59)

58: Pink Sparkly Barbie Heart Glasses

Barbie is the ultimate fashionista which is why these pink heart sunglasses are a great pick for a party favor because they are the perfect fashion accessory.

Not only will your guests love wearing them when they are out and about, but they’ll also double as a fab photo booth prop too.

Get Barbie chic with these Barbie tote bags! Your guests are going to love them!

Perfect as party favors for carrying essentials, they add style and magic to your celebration!

66 Stylish BARBIE PARTY Ideas! (61)

60: Barbie Party Favor Dolls

The perfect party favor for a Barbie party is undoubtedly an actual Barbie.

You can bet that your guests will be going home with a massive smile on their faces!

These Barbie scrunchies are the ultimate party favor fashion accessory!

Fashionable and versatile, they will add a playful touch to photos and become cherished keepsakes from your fabulous Barbie-themed celebration.

How about treating your guests to some Barbie bling?

Send each of them home with their very own Barbie necklace. They are the perfect fashion accessory!

Add a splash of excitement to your Barbie party!

These vibrant and stylish tattoos are the perfect party favor, unleashing the magic of Barbie right on your guests' skin. With their fun Barbie-themed designs, they create a sense of adventure and wonder,

Transform your Barbie sleepover into a dreamy wonderland with this Barbie pillow!

Create a cozy and stylish atmosphere for your slumber party with this delightful Barbie-themed design.

They make fantastic and unique keepsakes that your guests will cherish beyond your party and are a reminded of the fun and stylish sleepover experience you shared together.

Unleash some Barbie party magic with these Barbie and Ken treat box that looks just like Barbie and Ken boxes!

Not only do they capture the enchanting essence of Barbie's world, but they also make the ideal container for your fabulous party favors.

Watch as your guests' faces light up as they receive their treats in these charming Barbie-inspired boxes.

66 Stylish BARBIE PARTY Ideas! (67)

66: Barbie Party Gift Bags

To finish off we’ve some gorgeous Barbie party favor bags that all girls are going to love leaving your party with.

If you’d like to make your own print out an image of Barbie from the waist up and glow her onto a paper bag.

Add the gorgeous finishing touch… the cute tulle skirt, topped off with a pretty pink bow.

Stylish Barbie Party Ideas FAQs

What different Barbie-themed birthday party themes could I choose?

1: Barbie Fashion Party
2: Barbie Princess Party
3: Barbie Mermaid Party
4: Barbie Movie Night Party
5: Barbie Pet Party
6: Barbie Sports Party
7: Barbie Fairy Party
8: Barbie Superhero Party

How to create a glamorous atmosphere at a Barbie party?

1: Incorporate glittery elements like sequins, rhinestones, and metallic balloons are some out our Barbie decoration ideas that are sure to be a hit.
2: Play Barbie-inspired music and set up a dance floor or disco lights.
3: Encourage guests to dress up in glamorous outfits and provide a dress-up corner with accessories like feather boas and tiaras.

What are some fun activities for a Barbie party?

1: Create a hair and makeup station.
2: A mini fashion show.
3: A Barbie fashion design activity where kids can decorate their own outfits with fabric markers, stickers, or glitter.
4: Download our FREE printables Barbie Bingo Game.

More party food ideas for a Barbie party?

You could serve pink popcorn, mini sandwiches, fruit skewers, veggie platter, and pink lemonade at your Barbie themed party.

Do you have to watch the new Barbie movie to enjoy a Barbie-themed party?

Absolutely not! The timeless appeal of Barbie’s glamour and fun transcends any specific movie or storyline.

Give me your best Barbie party ideas for 5 year old?

Transform the party into a magical Barbie dream world with a pink-themed decor, Barbie-inspired cupcakes, and a fun fashion show where the little ones can dress up as their favorite Barbie characters.

We have more wonderful ideas for Barbie parties.

Need more Barbie party ideas?

  • FREE Vintage Barbie Party Printables
  • Barbie Party Activities
  • Most Popular Girl Birthday Party Themes for 2024!
  • FREE BARBIE “Let’s Go Party” Printables!
  • FREE Fun Printable BARBIE Bingo Game!
  • Most Popular 6-Year-Old Party Ideas for Girls and Boys for 2024
  • Teen Birthday Party Ideas
  • Best Party Themes for Adults

**Some of these links may be affiliate links.

66 Stylish BARBIE PARTY Ideas! (68)

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66 Stylish BARBIE PARTY Ideas! (2024)


How to have a Barbie themed party? ›

Provide materials like glitter, sequins, and colorful markers, and let your guests decorate their own Barbie picture frames or jewelry boxes. Another fabulous idea is to have a DIY fashion show. Guests can design and create their own Barbie-inspired outfits using costume pieces and accessories.

What do you eat at a Barbie birthday party? ›

Simply purchase some Barbie favour boxes and fill them with Pink snacks! Macaroons, strawberries, marshmallows, party rings, and pink wafers are just some of the delights you could include! Place these at the party food table for lunchtime fun, or give them out as Party favours at the end of the celebration!

What activities to do at a Barbie party? ›

Barbie Party Games and Activities
  • Barbie UNO. Take the beloved card game up a notch with this UNO deck featuring images from the Barbie movie.
  • Barbie Doll Fashion Show. ...
  • Pin the Sunglasses on Barbie. ...
  • Barbie Bingo. ...
  • Barbie Makeover Coloring Pages. ...
  • Make Your Own Weird Barbie. ...
  • Rollerblading.
Sep 7, 2023

What is the dress code for the Barbie theme party? ›

Set the Barbie Dress Code

Think about vibrant colors and glamorous styles. Guests can opt for colorful dresses, fancy gowns, or chic ensembles reminiscent of the iconic Barbie doll. To add an extra touch of excitement, host a 'Best Barbie Look' contest, where guests can showcase their Barbie-inspired fashion choices.

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