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There’s no doubt that weddings are style extravaganzas. Everybody comes dressed to impress. Most guests would be wearing new outfits specifically for the event. And of course, the bride is the star of the show with her meticulously picked or custom-designed wedding dress. Because the bride is the center of attention of the day, it’s usually not enough that she has the most stunning wedding dress. Trusted wedding dress consultants from Esposa Group say that she must shine even more, and there’s no better way to ensure this than to make sure that she has the right wedding accessories.

When picking out a wedding gown in Dubai, there are sure to be all kinds of accessories that can complete the blushing bride’s look. If you’re a bride-to-be, here are six of the well-loved accessories to consider choosing for your big day.

  • Elegant Jewelry
  • Hair and Headpieces
  • Fairy Tale Shoes
  • Clutch
  • Bridal Garter
  • Wedding Perfume

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1. Elegant Jewelry

A little sparkle is a must for brides on their wedding day, and fancy jewelry pieces can provide this. However, to keep everything classy and sophisticated, it’s crucial to wear the right amount and kind of bling.

The best jewelry to wear will depend on your overall style. If your wedding dress will fully display your elegant neck, it’s always a good idea to wear an eye-catching necklace. The design of the necklace, however, will depend on your aesthetic preference.

If a necklace doesn’t go with your wedding dress, perhaps because of the gown’s intricate beading or embroidery along the neckline, you can make a style statement with your earrings instead. A lot of brides prefer dangling earrings because these draw attention to the face.

You should likewise consider the option of wearing some of your family jewels, as well as using them to accessorize your bridal bouquet. This will make the act of accessorizing more meaningful.

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2. Hair and Headpieces

A veil remains to be the top pick for head accessories. It’s symbolic, and it can also complete the romance of a wedding gown. But if you are not keen on wearing a veil, there’s a myriad of other head or hairpieces that you can use for your wedding.

A hat, for example, has made a strong comeback in recent years. Pillbox hats, cowboy hats, wide-brimmed hats, top hats, and even berets are deemed excellent alternatives to a veil.

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If you are not a big fan of head covers, bedazzled hair accessories such as hair combs and snap pins as well as floral crowns may be more up your alley. A bejeweled headband is also a lovely choice, especially those that resemble tiaras (another headpiece perfect for the bride to wear).

If you want to create a genuinely glorious crown for your wedding day, try mixing and matching these head accessories. For an ethereal look, many brides combine a crystal-studded hair comb or tiara with a veil.

3. Fairy Tale Shoes

Brides are often likened to Cinderella, which is probably why a lot of bridal footwear is patterned after the delicate glass shoes of this beloved fairy tale character. That being said, no bridal attire is a hundred percent complete without a pair of fabulous shoes.

Currently, the trend for bridal footwear is to select decked out nudes. More and more brides opt for skin-colored shoes with chic embellishments to create the illusion of slimmer feet and longer legs.

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The key principle to uphold when choosing your wedding shoes is to focus on how well the shoes go with your dress and how comfortable they are. A wedding celebration can last many hours; plus, there’s a lot of walking done from table to table during the reception, and there may be some dancing too. As such, it’s best if you have beautiful as well as comfortable footwear.

4. Clutch

Most girls simply need to have a bag (yes, even on their wedding day, and even if their bridal dress has pockets). The most appropriate bag for brides is always a clutch. This dainty and stylish accessory will be able to hold a variety of small essentials such as Band-Aids, breath mints, a small bottle of perfume, a tube of lipstick, blotting paper, a roller bottle of aromatherapy oil, and others.

A lot of bridal boutiques have an extensive selection of clutches for brides, from ones made of shell or mother of pearl to crystal-studded or bead-encrusted ones, and more. For sure, you’ll easily find a design that will not just go well with your wedding style, but also serve your needs.

5. Bridal Garter

A bridal garter is a beloved wedding accessory because it’s the central material for a fun wedding reception tradition. Aside from being an element of wedding culture, a bridal garter is important to have for the big day because it can be a meaningful keepsake or family heirloom.

Someday, when you get a daughter, and she gets married, she can wear it and have it as her “something old.”

6. Wedding Perfume

The last accessory to have with you for the big day is a small bottle of your favorite or signature scent. This delicate bottle of fragrance is the key to smelling good for your groom and everybody else throughout the wedding celebrations.

Never overlook the importance of smelling nice and fresh as you have intimate moments with the people who are near and dear to you.

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These are six of the accessories that can help you create the best wedding look and feel like a totally radiant bride. If you need a bit more help in preparing your style for the day you say “I do,” come to Esposa Privé, the top wedding shop in Dubai.

About Esposa Group:

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6 Well-Loved Wedding Accessories to Consider | Esposa Group (2024)
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