20 Cool White Elephant Gifts Under $25 For Nerdy Coworkers (2024)

Navigating the playful yet competitive landscape of white elephant gift exchanges can be a thrilling challenge, especially when you’re aiming to impress a crowd that appreciates the finer points of nerd culture. Whether you’re looking for nerdy white elephant gifts that nod to the vast universes of Star Wars and Doctor Who, or seeking out funny white elephant gifts that echo the humor of The Office, the key is to strike a balance between quirkiness and utility, all while staying under the friendly budget of $25.

This curated list combines the best of both worlds, offering a variety of items that are not only affordable but also rich in fandom appeal. Imagine the delight of unwrapping a gadget straight out of the TARDIS, or the laughs elicited by a Christmas Vacation-inspired mug. These aren’t just mere trinkets; they’re conversational pieces that resonate with fans, igniting discussions and fond memories of favorite episodes, characters, and galaxies far, far away.

For those participating in white elephant gifts for the office, this selection of cool white elephant gifts offers an opportunity to bring a touch of personal interest into the professional sphere. From whimsical and cool desk toys to clever nods to the Spongebob, these gifts are sure to be the talk of the office long after the exchange is over. Dive into this trove of treasures, and may the force of the perfect gift be with you!


R2D2 Tamagotchi Nano

The R2D2 Tamagotchi Nano emerges as an ideal white elephant gift for a Star Wars-loving coworker, masterfully blending the nostalgia of the classic Tamagotchi with the iconic charm of one of the most beloved droids in the Star Wars universe. This pint-sized digital pet offers a unique twist to the traditional Tamagotchi experience, allowing the recipient to care for and interact with R2D2 in a series of engaging mini-games and activities.

It’s not just a good white elephant gift; it’s an interactive experience that taps into the fun and whimsy of the Star Wars saga. Its compact size makes it a perfect desk companion, providing a delightful and unobtrusive escape during breaks. Moreover, its blend of retro gaming and Star Wars fandom makes it a standout choice in a white elephant exchange, sure to spark conversation and a bit of friendly envy among colleagues who share a love for the galaxy far, far away. I can tell you that I’m definitely going to be featuring it on some lists on my new gift shopping site, Masters of Gifts.


Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy Mini

Also Available at Target | $9

The Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy Mini is a funny white elephant gift that promises to bring a burst of laughter and lightheartedness to any setting. This miniature version of the wildly flailing, larger-than-life tube men often seen in car dealerships and promotional events, encapsulates the perfect blend of whimsy and nostalgia.

Standing at a desk-friendly size, it’s an amusing distraction that can liven up a workspace or serve as a quirky decoration at home. Its charm lies in its sheer absurdity and the unexpected joy it brings when it starts its goofy, undulating dance at the flick of a switch. Not only does it serve as a fantastic ice-breaker or conversation starter, but it also makes for a memorable and funny white elephant gift that stands out from the usual fare, guaranteeing smiles and chuckles from everyone in the room.

Whether for a fan of eccentric novelties or someone who enjoys a good laugh, the Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy Mini is a surefire hit for those looking to inject a bit of playful silliness into their gift-giving.


How to Survive The Zombie Apocalypse

The How to Survive The Zombie Apocalypse book is an absolute gem for those with a penchant for the undead and a good sense of humor. Seamlessly blending practical survival tips with tongue-in-cheek zombie lore, this book is a delightful read for anyone who’s ever wondered about the finer points of outliving a zombie horde. Its lighthearted approach to the apocalyptic scenario, filled with witty illustrations and humorous advice, makes it the perfect funny white elephant gift for zombie enthusiasts.

Whether it’s strategizing the best hideouts or picking the ideal zombie-fighting gear, the book provides endless entertainment while playfully acknowledging the cultural phenomenon of zombie fandom. It’s a gift that not only tickles the funny bone but also taps into the imaginative world of zombie survivalists, ensuring it will be a cherished and talked-about item long after the gift exchange.


The Office Dunder Mifflin Holiday Shot Glasses Set

Also Available From Toynk | $12

For fans of the iconic TV show The Office, the ‘The Office Dunder Mifflin Holiday Shot Glasses Set’ is a quintessential addition to any white elephant gift exchange. This set, embodying the spirit of Scranton’s most famous fictional paper company, offers a delightful twist for enthusiasts of the series. Each shot glass is adorned with memorable quotes and references from the show, making it a perfect conversation starter and a funny white elephant gift.

Whether toasting to “That’s what she said” jokes or reliving the infamous Dundie Awards, these glasses capture the essence of The Office‘s unique humor. They are not just drinking accessories; they are a tribute to the show’s beloved characters and their quirkiest moments. Ideal for holiday parties or as a charming addition to a home bar, this shot glasses set is a humorous nod to the series that continues to resonate with its fans, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to bring a bit of Dunder Mifflin charm to their gift exchange.


Michael Myers Slippers

Also Available From Fun.com | $25

For horror movie aficionados, the Michael Myers Slippers present an amusingly eerie twist on everyday loungewear. These slippers capture the essence of the iconic horror villain from the Halloween series, blending the thrill of the genre with the comfort of home attire. They strike an intriguing balance between being slightly creepy and undeniably cozy, making them a standout choice for a funny white elephant gift.

The novelty of donning a pair of slippers that pay homage to such a classic horror character is sure to be a hit among fans, offering a unique way to express their love for the genre. These slippers are not just a nod to Michael Myers; they’re a conversation starter, a piece of wearable fan merchandise, and a quirky addition to any horror enthusiast’s collection.


Custom Face Socks

Custom Face Socks offer a delightful and humorous twist to the traditional white elephant gift, making them an excellent choice for nerds who appreciate a blend of personalization and quirkiness. Picture this: socks adorned with the faces of beloved sci-fi characters, iconic video game heroes, or even the recipient’s own cosplay creations, bringing a unique flair to their wardrobe. These socks are not only a playful fashion statement but also a conversation starter, allowing nerds to showcase their passions in an unexpectedly fun way.

The novelty of having a familiar face peeking out from one’s footwear adds a touch of whimsy to the everyday, making Custom Face Socks a wonderfully eccentric yet practical gift for any nerd’s collection. Whether it’s for a Doctor Who enthusiast, a Star Wars devotee, or a Dungeons & Dragons aficionado, these socks are sure to bring a smile and a bit of geeky charm to the white elephant exchange.


Storm Glass Weather Predictor

The Storm Glass Weather Predictor is a fascinating and aesthetically pleasing gift that combines scientific curiosity with decorative flair, making it an excellent white elephant gift for nerds. This intriguing device, encased in an elegant glass structure, forecasts the weather in a visually stunning manner by forming crystals in patterns that change based on upcoming weather conditions.

It’s a perfect blend of meteorology and art, appealing to those who have a love for science, weather phenomena, or unique home decor. Not only does it offer a talking point and a visually engaging experience, but it also serves as a nod to historical weather prediction methods, adding a touch of nostalgia and educational value. For a nerd who appreciates the blend of science and aesthetics, the Storm Glass Weather Predictor is a gift that’s both intellectually stimulating and visually captivating.


OTOTO Bat Wine Opener Corkscrew (20% Off!)

The OTOTO Bat Wine Opener emerges as a standout choice for nerdy white elephant gifts, thanks to its unique blend of functionality and whimsical design. Perfect for those who have a penchant for the quirky and the unusual, this wine opener takes the form of a charming bat, adding a touch of Gothic flair to an otherwise mundane task. Its clever design is not just a visual treat but also ergonomically crafted, ensuring ease of use when engaging in the ceremonial opening of a bottle of wine.

This gadget is particularly appealing to fans of superhero lore, gothic aesthetics, or anyone who appreciates a fun twist on everyday kitchen tools. It’s a delightful surprise that combines practicality with a playful nod to pop culture, making it an ideal and memorable gift for any nerd-centric white elephant exchange.


Murder Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle

Also Available at Uncommon Goods | $19

The Murder Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle from Uncommon Goods is an ideal white elephant gift for the nerd crowd, blending the challenge of a jigsaw puzzle with the intrigue of a classic whodunit. This unique puzzle offers a twist on traditional jigsaws: instead of following a visual reference, players are guided by a narrative to complete the puzzle. The finished image then serves as the key to solving the mystery.

Available in two intriguing themes – “The Clairvoyants’ Convention” and “The Missing Will” – each puzzle is a brain-teasing adventure. Made with non-toxic ink and recycled materials, it’s not only an engaging mental challenge but also an environmentally conscious choice. This puzzle is perfect for those who love a good mystery and the satisfaction of piecing together clues, making it a standout gift for any nerd with a penchant for puzzles and storytelling.


Dumb Ways to Die Card Game

Also Available at Target | $16

Dumb Ways to Die offers a quirky and humorous take on the mobile gaming experience, making it an ideal white elephant gift for the nerd culture aficionados. Its appeal lies in its simple yet addictive gameplay, where players navigate a series of increasingly absurd and comical challenges to prevent adorable characters from meeting untimely ends.

The game’s blend of dark humor and quick reflex challenges resonates well with a demographic that appreciates sharp wit and light-hearted entertainment. Its offbeat charm and engaging mechanics make Dumb Ways to Die a delightful surprise in any gift exchange, especially for those who relish in the lighter side of nerd culture.


Godzilla Bottle Opener
20 Cool White Elephant Gifts Under $25 For Nerdy Coworkers (11)

Buy it from Merchoid | $20

The Godzilla: Bottle Opener from Merchoid is a unique and playful gift, perfect for white elephant exchanges among nerds and pop culture enthusiasts. This officially licensed product, crafted with an antique tin finish, is not just a functional bottle opener but a piece of geeky decor.

Boasting a heavyweight feel, it’s designed to resemble the iconic Kaiju emerging from a deep sea interdimensional portal. The addition of a magnetic back for easy storage adds a practical touch. Its blend of utility and fandom appeal makes it an amusing and memorable gift, especially for those who appreciate the legendary Godzilla franchise.


Spongebob Yes/No Coin
20 Cool White Elephant Gifts Under $25 For Nerdy Coworkers (12)

Buy it from Merchoid | $20

The SpongeBob SquarePants: Yes/No Coin from Merchoid is a delightful and quirky item that makes for an excellent white elephant gift, especially for those who appreciate a touch of nostalgia and humor in their lives. This novelty coin features the iconic SpongeBob in his signature pose, ready to assist with life’s binary decisions.

Whether it’s choosing between a Krabby Patty for lunch or deciding to go to work, flipping this coin adds a fun, lighthearted twist to everyday choices. Its playful design and connection to the beloved character of SpongeBob make it a charming and amusing gift, perfect for fans of the series or anyone who enjoys a bit of whimsy in their decision-making.


Heroes’ Feast Official Dungeons & Dragons Cookbook

The Heroes’ Feast Official Dungeons & Dragons Cookbook emerges as an exceptional white elephant gift for nerds, blending the rich lore of the Dungeons & Dragons universe with the practical charm of a cookbook. This tome offers a delightful journey through the culinary landscapes of a beloved fantasy world, presenting recipes that are not only a nod to the game’s intricate universe but also genuinely appetizing.

Its appeal lies in its unique ability to cater to both the epicurean and the adventurer within, making it a standout choice for those who appreciate the fusion of fantasy and reality. This cookbook is more than just a collection of recipes; it’s an invitation to bring the spirit of D&D to the dining table, creating an immersive experience that resonates deeply with fans of the franchise.


Doctor Who Tardis Scarf

The Doctor Who Christmas Scarf, available on Amazon, is an enchanting pick for a white elephant gift, especially for those who cherish the TARDIS and the whimsical world of Doctor Who. This scarf is not just a fashionable accessory; it’s a nod to the iconic British series, featuring the TARDIS, Weeping Angels, and snowmen, all woven into its design. It’s crafted from high-quality, soft acrylic, ensuring warmth and comfort throughout the winter season.

Its unique blend of Doctor Who charm and practicality makes it an ideal gift for fans, striking the perfect balance between a fun, themed item and a useful winter accessory. Whether attending holiday gatherings or just braving the cold, this scarf is sure to delight any Doctor Who enthusiast, making it a standout choice for a white elephant exchange among TARDIS-loving nerds.


Northern Summer Sky Astronomy Whiskey Glass

The Northern Summer Sky Astronomy Whiskey Glass Set is an exceptional gift for those who marvel at the cosmos while enjoying a fine dram. Each glass in this set is meticulously etched with constellations and stars, offering a unique way to gaze at the night sky indoors. Ideal for stargazing enthusiasts and astronomy aficionados, these glasses blend the elegance of a well-crafted whiskey glass with the wonder of the celestial skies.

As they sip their favorite whiskey, recipients can trace the intricate constellations, deepening their appreciation for both the universe’s vast beauty and the refined pleasure of a good whiskey. This set is not just a functional item for whiskey lovers but also a conversation starter, adding a touch of cosmic intrigue to any gathering.


USB Desktop Plasma Ball

The RioRand USB Powered Plasma Ball is a captivating and interactive gadget that makes an excellent gift for science enthusiasts and nerds alike. This modern and compact plasma globe, measuring approximately 3.94 inches in diameter and 5.51 inches in height, offers a mesmerizing display of colored light beams, creating a mini lightning show right at your fingertips. It’s touch-sensitive, meaning you can manipulate the light patterns by simply placing your fingers on the glass sphere.

The plasma ball can be powered either by a USB port or four AAA batteries, making it versatile and easy to use anywhere. It’s not just a decorative item for your desk or room; it also serves as an engaging way to demonstrate principles of physics and electrical discharges. The RioRand Plasma Ball is a blend of science, art, and fun, making it a perfect gift to spark curiosity and wonder in anyone fascinated by the wonders of science.


Mini Portable Desktop Vacuum Cleaner

The FineInno Mini Crumb Vacuum Cleaner is an ideal gift for those who spend long hours at their desks or for PC gamers. This portable, handheld device is not only compact and cordless, making it easy to maneuver around a desk setup, but it’s also multifunctional, adept at picking up crumbs, cat hair, apple seeds, Cheetoh dust, and more.

Its small size (3.1 inches x 2.4 inches) ensures it can clean in tight spaces, perfect for keyboards and desktop areas. The vacuum operates quietly, thanks to its high-quality engine, ensuring it won’t disrupt the work or gaming environment. Additionally, its charming design and practical functionality make it a thoughtful and useful gift for anyone who values cleanliness in their personal or professional space.


Potato Head The Yamdalorian and The Tot

The Potato Head The Yamdalorian and The Tot is an amusing and clever twist on the classic Mr. Potato Head toy, ingeniously themed around the beloved Star Wars universe, particularly the hit series The Mandalorian. This playful set not only captures the charm of the iconic characters in a whimsical, potato-themed style but also serves as a delightful nod to Star Wars fandom.

Its unique blend of nostalgia and contemporary pop culture appeal makes it an ideal white elephant gift for Star Wars enthusiasts. It’s a light-hearted and quirky item that’s sure to bring a smile to fans who appreciate a good blend of humor and homage in their collectibles.

You can also check out our extensive list of the best Star Wars gifts here.


2024 This Day in History History Channel Calendar

The 2024 History Channel This Day in History Boxed Calendar stands as an intriguing and delightful white elephant gift for history enthusiasts. Each day, recipients are treated to a fascinating snippet of history, turning their daily routine into a journey through time. This calendar’s blend of obscure, monumental, and quirky events caters to a wide range of historical interests, making it a perfect conversation starter.

Its unique appeal lies in its ability to surprise and educate, offering a daily dose of historical trivia that is both engaging and enlightening. For those who revel in the past’s mysteries and milestones, this calendar is not just a gift, but a daily adventure into the annals of time.


Saucemoto Dip Clip Car Sauce Holder

The Saucemoto Dip Clip emerges as an unexpectedly perfect white elephant gift, especially for those who harbor a deep love for chicken nuggets. This clever little gadget attaches seamlessly to a car’s air vents, offering a secure and accessible spot to hold dipping sauces.

It’s not just its practicality that makes it a hit; the Saucemoto Dip Clip also scores points for its quirky nature, embodying the spirit of a white elephant gift. It’s a nod to the universal truth that enjoying nuggets on the go can be a messy affair, and this innovative solution adds a touch of humor and convenience to every bite. For chicken nugget aficionados, it’s a whimsical yet surprisingly useful accessory that they never knew they needed.


Christmas Vacation ‘Dont Hog the Nog’ Mug
20 Cool White Elephant Gifts Under $25 For Nerdy Coworkers (21)

Buy it From Toynk | $21

The National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation 20oz Ceramic Mug from Toynk is a delightful nod to the beloved holiday film, making it an ideal white elephant gift for fans. This mug captures the essence of the classic comedy with its festive red color and a humorous quote from Chevy Chase’s character, “Don’t hog the nog!”

Its generous 20-ounce size is perfect for enjoying holiday beverages, from eggnog to hot cocoa, and the large, easy-grip handle ensures comfort during those long, cozy movie marathons. Crafted from BPA-free ceramic, this mug is not only a fun but also a practical addition to any holiday kitchen collection. Its blend of nostalgia and utility makes it a fantastic gift choice for those who cherish the humor and warmth of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

Want to get into the Christmas spirit while you’re shopping? Check out this list of all of the Christmas movies on TV tonight!

20 Cool White Elephant Gifts Under $25 For Nerdy Coworkers (2024)


What are some good white elephant gift ideas? ›

Best Funny White Elephant Gift Ideas
  • An Adjustable Stool To Make Going Potty Easier. ...
  • A Winter Coat For Cold Ones. ...
  • Dinosaur Fans Will Love This Playful 'Nachosaurus' Set. ...
  • A Coffee Table Book That Addresses Life's Burning Questions. ...
  • A Fun Party Game That Is Also So Much More Than That.
Dec 13, 2023

What is a white elephant for co workers? ›

Here are some broad categories that are affordable, and sure to please anyone.
  • Holiday decorations.
  • Plant, print or other office décor.
  • Insulated water bottle.
  • Planner or organizer.
  • Funky or elegant office accessories—think a new mousepad, desk accessories, flash drive or colorful pens.
  • Funny memo pads.
  • Desktop games.

What is number 1 white elephant? ›

The White Elephant Game Rules

Sit in a circle and place the gifts in the center, preferably under a festive tree. The person who drew #1 selects a gift from the pile, opens it, and holds it up for all to see. The person who drew #2 decides whether to steal that gift or unwrap a mystery present from the pile.

What is a traditional white elephant gift exchange? ›

🐘🎁 'Tis the season for festive cheer and, of course, the tradition of White Elephant gift exchanges! If you're new to the term, a White Elephant gift exchange involves participants bringing quirky, humorous, or downright unusual gifts to swap.

How do I make white elephant more interesting? ›

5 Ways to Add Sparkle to Your White Elephant Party
  1. Pick a gift theme. One excellent way to spice things up is to have people bring gifts that fit a particular theme. ...
  2. Employ different game rules. ...
  3. Hold an ugly sweater contest. ...
  4. Rent a karaoke machine. ...
  5. Break out the Christmas games.

Is it OK to give a gift card as an white elephant gift? ›

If you're running out of time and ideas for your upcoming white elephant gift exchange, you might want to consider bringing a gift card to the festivities. You can pick out cards for dining, gaming, music and so much more.

Can a white elephant gift be anything? ›

The organizer may require people to bring a gift that fits a certain theme. The most common one is a re-gift (i.e., an unwanted item that people have lying around the house). However, the theme could be anything – ornaments, coffee table books, candy, do-it-yourself crafts, etc.

Is a candle a good white elephant gift? ›

As far as white elephant gifts ideas go, candles are always a winning option.

Can a candle be a white elephant gift? ›

Gift Idea #1: A Decorative Candle

Choose from fresh scents or look for unscented options that are perfect for anyone sensitive to strong fragrances. You've also got the option of battery-operated electric candles or wax warmers and wax melts that offer fragrance without the flame.

What is an example of a white elephant in business? ›

In modern usage, the term now often refers in addition to an extremely expensive building project that fails to deliver on its function or becomes very costly to maintain. Examples include prestigious but uneconomic infrastructure projects such as airports, dams, bridges, shopping malls and football stadiums.

What is an example of a White Elephant? ›

a possession unwanted by the owner but difficult to dispose of: Our Victorian bric-a-brac and furniture were white elephants. a possession entailing great expense out of proportion to its usefulness or value to the owner: When he bought the mansion he didn't know it was going to be such a white elephant.

What is the best price range for a white elephant gift? ›

A: Most White Elephant gift exchanges or Yankee Swaps have a set price range to make sure everyone is gifting items of equal value, so check in with the person organizing the swap first. If you're still unsure, a good default range for a group of friends or coworkers is $10 to $25.

Do you put your name on white elephant gift? ›

Part of the fun is watching players try to conceal their “good” gifts or encourage players to take their “bad” gifts. Each gift should be attractively wrapped with no nametag.

What is the price limit for the white elephant gift? ›

Sure, some variations exist, but the hardest part isn't playing the party game, it's finding the time to shop for a really great white elephant gift that isn't over the price limit (typically around $10–20).

What is the gift limit in white elephant? ›

Every player brings a wrapped gift to the game. It helps to establish a price limit on gifts, say $25. There are typically some unusually desirable gifts in a game of White Elephant and a joke gift or two that players cannot wait to get rid of. Count how many players with gifts there are.

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