10 Adorable and Festive Gingerbread House Ideas - Edible® Blog (2024)

10 Adorable and Festive Gingerbread House Ideas - Edible® Blog (1)

‘Tis the season for making gingerbread houses that look good enough to eat (because they are). Gingerbread houses are fun and easy to build. Plus, making them with family creates memories that will last a lifetime. Additionally, when making your own gingerbread house, you get to completely customize them according to the style and candy options that you prefer. Here are some ideas to get you started.

How to Make a Gingerbread House

Gingerbread houses are relatively easy to make. First, find a reputable gingerbread recipe online. Mix the ingredients together according to the instructions. Then roll out the dough to a quarter-inch thickness.

Next, cut out the shapes to create the gingerbread house. You’ll need four walls and two sections for a roof. You can find templates online that provide the perfect dimensions for the house you want to build. Then, you can bake the gingerbread according to the instructions on the recipe.

Next, you’ll need royal icing to build the house and make it strong enough to hold together. Once the house is built, you’ll need to wait until the house sets, preferably overnight. The following day, you can decorate the house with your favorite candies to your heart’s content. You can also use icing to create a door and windows to make the house look like a cozy home. To make things even easier, you can choose to purchase a pre-packaged gingerbread house that you simply need to assemble and decorate.

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Top 10 Gingerbread House Ideas

To help give you a little inspiration, we’ve gathered up some of the best gingerbread house ideas. You can purchase these kits or use them to spark your own creative ideas:

1. SAKOLLA 18 PCS Gingerbread House Cookie Cutter Set

This gingerbread house kit contains 18 cookie cutters, including three-dimensional snowmen, reindeer, and more, to make your gingerbread house stand out. The cookie cutters are made of premium stainless steel to hold their shape for years.

Cost: $9.99

2. Gingerbread House DIY Baking Kit

This DIY kit contains everything you will need to create a wonderful edible gingerbread house from scratch. It includes pre-measured dry ingredients, a paper template, homemade royal icing, chocolate rainbow beans, a chocolate star, candy canes, and easy-to-follow instructions.

Cost: $30.63

3. Miniature Gingerbread House

These adorable mini gingerbread houses make wonderful ornaments or tiny little decorations on your mantle. The kit comes with a box and six pieces of foam cut-outs, 12 mini decorations, and two piping bags of frosting.

Cost: $19.50

4. Hasbro Candy Land Gingerbread House Kit

This kit comes with everything you need to build a Candy Land-themed gingerbread house. It comes with pre-baked gingerbread, pre-made icing, gummies, candy stars, sprinkles, and candy jewels.

Cost: $21.04

5. Oreo Holiday Cookie House

Decorate your gingerbread house with plenty of Oreos for a delightful treat you can display and enjoy. It includes Oreo house pieces, a set-up tray, mini Oreo cookies, two packs of regular Oreos, icing, and candy.

Cost: $21.84

6. M&M’s Holiday Mini House Gingerbread Cookie Kit

Made with plenty of M&M’s, this house looks great and tastes even better. It includes pre-made gingerbread cookies, royal icing, M&M’s candy, and two cute M&M’s cutouts for the chimney and window.

Cost: $9.75

7. Gingerbread Pickup Truck Kit

Instead of a gingerbread house, try a gingerbread truck this year. It includes truck-shaped gingerbread pieces, frosting in red, green, and other colors, and candy accents to fully deck out both the truck and the Christmas tree it’s carrying.

Cost: $19.99

8. Tootsie Roll® Gingerbread House Kit

This gingerbread cottage kit is made with a link and lock feature that makes it quick and easy to build. Plus, it comes with plenty of delicious candy, including Tootsie Rolls, Dots, Double Bubble, and more.

Cost: $21.99

9. Wilton Build-it-Yourself Super Mario

Build this gingerbread castle that reminds you of your favorite video game. This kit includes pre-baked gingerbread castle pieces, a mushroom cookie, candies, Super Mario decorations, icing, fondant, a cardboard base, and more.

Cost: $10.49

10. Hot Wheels Cookie Garage Kit

Make a Hot Wheels garage gingerbread house with this fun kit. It includes easy-to-assemble gingerbread, assorted candy, icing, and cutouts that make your garage come to life.

Cost: $27.40

You can purchase these pre-made kits or use them as inspiration for a DIY creation that’s all your own. Either way, you’ll have some delicious holiday fun and end up with something truly tasty to enjoy.

10 Adorable and Festive Gingerbread House Ideas - Edible® Blog (2024)
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